Fnatic buds: "I trusted our Zarya."


Today's second matchup of APEX saw Fnatic win 3-1 against Flash Lux. buds showed sharp performance especially as Soldier: 76 today, utilizing his mobility to maintain solid positions that contributed greatly in his suppression towards the enemy.

Below is our post-match press interview with Casey "buds" McIlwaine.


How does it feel to win against Flash Lux today?

It feels great. We practiced really hard for today's matchup. I am satisfied with how the match turned out today.


The score today was 3-1, but Flash Lux did pull a tight matchup today. Who do you think showed solid performance in Flash Lux today?

Fleta was on point with Roadhog today. He had some sharp Chain Hooks from the side which I thought was brilliant.


We saw you climb to the high ground before using Deadeye. What would be the pros and cons of such playstyle?

I did so because that helped me gain a broader look on the entire map, especially when we did not have as many ults with us. I positioned myself there because I could easilly shut down the enemies from there. Enemy Ana could have taken me down, but I trusted our Zarya.


You were on point with Soldier: 76 in Route 66. How were you able to do that?

Soldier: 76 has high mobility and is also capable of attacking the enemy while staying in cover. It is important to strike the enemies while also staying behind cover.


Your team seemed to have struggled a lot with enemy Pharah. Are you not prepared to fight against Pharah?

We are actually struggling to fight against all teams that use Pharah. We are not sure about how we should counter against Pharah, but we are experimenting our strategy. I think we will eventually come up with a countermeasure.


How are you going to prepare for your upcoming match against RunAway? How are you going to fight if they pick Pharah?

We are not going to focus so much on Pharah. Haksal is famous for his Genji play, so I think our strategy will be centered around shutting down enemy Genji.


Last words?

I would like to say hi to our coaches, managers, and also my family who could not come all the way to Korea with us. I also want to say thank you to all our fans that support us.

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