MVP Ian: "I'll be grateful if you find LoL to be fun"

On February 14th (KST), MVP swept kt Rolster 2-0 in the first matchup of Day 16 LCK Spring Split 2017 held at Nexon Arena, pulling one of the most dramatic upsets so far in the season. Playing on Syndra and Jayce, Junhyung “Ian” An served as the pillar of the today’s victory.

Below is our post-match press interview with Ian.



You defeated the current top team, kt 2-0. Was the today’s victory special?

To be honest, I’ve given less thoughts about the today’s match than others. Since kt is more favored team, I thought we had nothing to lose. I only thought about putting on a good show for the fans. I guess we won because my teammates played on the top of their games. I’m so happy.

You’re currently undefeated on Syndra. What’s the secret?

I struggled with Syndra at first, but her playstyle just felt right to me at some point. She’s aggressive and powerful. I felt like I could win against any player as long as I’m on Syndra.

Teams usually don’t reveal mid and top picks until the end. Was first picking Jayce a part of the mindgames?

It was out of confidence. Since we’re the underdog if we drafted normally, I just felt confident enough to beat anyone as long as I played Jayce.

How did you prepare for the clever counterattacks at every turn?

We avoided unnecessary teamfights well. Max made a good call to bait the enemy and punish them in full force. He’s usually the shotcaller, and the rest of the team chime in.

If that’s the case, don’t you think only Max should be named MVP?

Yes, he definitely should. [laughs] He’s never been named MVP last year, but I’m so glad that he got what he deserved even though it’s overdue.

You guys are on a three-win streak. How do you feel about the next matchup against ROX?

With the current momentum, I think ROX is a tough but beatable opponent.

Any final words to the fans?

I want to thank the viewers at home and the fans who stay for late night matches. I'll be grateful if you find LoL to be fun through fresh picks and dynamic games.

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