Legends of Runeterra patch 0.9.3 increases weekly rewards, tweaks Expeditions

Image Source: Riot Games


Last week, the Legends of Runeterra developers opened up about their philosophy for the game's progression system. The overall sentiment was clear: players need more agency when it comes to acquiring cards. This week's patch 0.9.3 aims to accomplish that by shifting Expedition rewards to weekly Vault rewards. Additionally, Riot Games is making text changes to a bunch of cards to illustrate their effects better.


Expeditions will become more accessible as of the new patch. The cost to start an Expedition will be reduced from 3000 shards or 300 coins to 2000 shards or 200 coins. It does come at a price though: rewards for Expeditions have been toned down significantly. If you manage to get seven wins, your reward now will consist of an Epic Capsule, 2000 Shards, and two Rare wildcards. The guaranteed champion card has been removed.


The good news is that the champion card has simply moved over to the Weekly Vault, ensuring that players who don't enjoy playing Expeditions get their free card too. As can be seen in the updated reward graph below, acquiring a level five to nine Vault now grants you a random champion card. If you reach a level ten or higher Vault, you virtually get a champion of your choosing with the wildcard reward. Additionally, as announced last week, this week's patch allows for Weekly Vault to be upgraded infinitely, rewarding an extra Rare capsule per level gained.


Image Source: Riot Games


Clarity updates


Something Legends of Runeterra has struggled with is card text clarity. Ambiguous and inconsistent phrasing made players realize what a particular card was only after it had been played. A few cards have been addressed in the past to fix this, and more are following in 0.9.3. In total, more than 50 cards see their text adjusted.


A special case among them is The Harrowing. The Shadow Isles card's effect was accidentally changed in patch 0.9.2 two weeks ago to only resurrect the strongest allied units, as opposed to the strongest units from any player. This change was meant to happen eventually, but not until patch 0.9.4, which goes live two weeks from now. As a result, The Harrowing's card text had remained unchanged despite the card working differently. With this patch, the card correctly reads: "Revive the 6 Strongest allies that died this game and grant them Ephemeral."


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