DRX Chovy on their previous losing streak: "We knew well about the reason we lost so we weren’t worried."


In the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split, DragonX didn’t have much trouble defeating Griffin 2-0. The player that shined in the game was Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon. His performance on LeBlanc and Lucian earned him the player of the game for both matches. Chovy was interviewed by the casters’ desk after the match.


How do you feel breaking the losing streak?


I wasn’t that aware of our losing streak, but it’s fortunate that we stopped it.

Was the team atmosphere alright even if you were losing?


We knew well about the reason we lost so we weren’t worried. We just needed to fix those parts.

You picked LeBlanc for the first time in about 400 days. Was it prepared?


LeBlanc is a fun champion to play, but I was quite nervous because I was worried about making a mistake.

Which moment was the most difficult today?


When Rumble pushed the lane in and dove bot, that was the moment that I felt really sorry for the bot lane.

Some people say that Chovy is similar to Nuguri in a way. Even if you’re ganked early, you make up for it in the late game. Maybe because of that, you get ganked often recently.


I was ganked simply because I didn’t do well.

There is a lot of feedback regarding Pyosik recently. How do you think he’s doing?


It hasn’t been long since he’s been playing. I think Pyosik is doing well enough considering he’s just a rookie.

You’re at the top of POGs with 900 points.


I don’t know when I got so many. I’m proud of those I earned but it’s a bit awkward since I’m the only one that got a POG today.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


Since we didn’t play that well last time, I played thinking we have to do even better today. Thank you for your support and please look forward to our next games.

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