GEN Rascal: "I’m longing to have revenge against T1."


Gen.G Esports continued their winning streak by shutting out Afreeca Freecs in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split. Although they struggled a bit in Game 1, Gen.G didn’t fall behind at all in the second game and took the victory for their 8th consecutive win. Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee and Kim “Clid” Tae-min delivered great performances and were voted as players of the games.



You’re on an 8-game winning streak, the longest since Gen.G existed. How do you feel?


Clid: Although we’re on a winning streak, I think it’s important to not be careless in all matches.

Game 1 wasn’t that easy. When did you think it went your way?


Clid: I played Jarvan IV and since we had Zilean which is good in the late game, I played comfortably.

(To Rascal) Gen.G’s comp in Game 1 didn’t appear that often in the LCK. How did you find it and how did you practice?


Rascal: Zilean was a pick that Bdd likes. I thought we would win in the late game because our comp was better for the late game. We also had quite a high win rate if the games were longer.

Rascal is getting good evaluations among the top laners. How does that feel?


Rascal: Obviously, I feel good, but I won’t be arrogant. I still have a long way to go. I’ll be trying harder.

According to the Gen.G video, Rascal is a kkondae.


Rascal: It’s intentional editing. Yesterday, I asked the younger players who bother them the most. They said that Ruler and Bdd are the worst and I bother them the least. I’ll treat them more nicely in the future.

Ruler fell shy of 1,000 kills today. Did you know?


Clid: It seemed that he didn’t mind how many kills he had.

Are you conscious of your undefeated record on Jarvan IV?


Clid: Jarvan IV is a champion that I’m confident in, but I’m not that conscious of my record. I play confidently and if I lose, oh well.

When your Rek’Sai collided with Alistar, Alistar popped up very high. Does that happen often?


Clid: Rek’Sai’s skill has an advantage so it appears often in solo queue and scrims.

You’re leading the POG rank along with Bdd. How do you feel?


Clid: I got the POG for the finals last year, but I haven’t received the award in the regular season. But I’m not that greedy for it; winning the championship is more important.

Your next match is against T1. They’re the only team that beat you this season.


Clid: T1 is the only team that beat us and my former team as well, but I think it’s more important to concentrate on our own plays.


Rascal: I’m longing to have revenge against T1. I’ll prepare well to make sure that we win.

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