T1 Effort: "Teddy isn’t a player that’s only good at ADCs, he’s just really good at LoL."


T1 shut out DragonX in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split. The games weren't easy, but Lee "Effort" Sang-ho kept his concentration to the end and contributed to the team's victory. After the match, Effort joined Inven Global in a video interview to talk about the match.



Today’s match against DragonX was really important for T1. Both games weren’t that easy; how do you feel?


Since we’re competing with DragonX in the standings, I felt a bit of pressure. The game didn’t go easy so it’s a bit tiring.

In Game 1, DragonX picked Caitlyn and Braum, picking a comp for the late game. The casters’ desk also said that DragonX had a better composition for the late game and that T1 would fall behind the later the game goes. What did T1 think about the comp?


We thought that it was a very good comp for the dragon fights in the early game and that it would be alright in the late game if we get the dragon stacks.

Kalista-Taric bot lane is appearing often recently in the LCK. What do you think of that comp?


From laning to teamfights, they’re a pick without weaknesses. The only weakness would be maybe the short range, but that is made up by being extremely strong in the early-mid game.

You landed Taric's stuns very well in Game 1. Are you satisfied with your performance?


I’m not sure if I did that well today. It didn’t feel that I rolled the snowball too well so it was quite regretful for me.

Teddy picked Cassiopeia in Game 2. Teddy doesn’t play non-ADCs that often. How was Game 2?


It’s been a while since we played a non-ADC in bot lane, but I think it was a good choice. We did the plays we could do and ended the game quite quickly. Teddy isn’t a player that’s only good at ADCs, he’s just really good at LoL. He’s good at all other non-ADC champions as well.

If you rate Teddy’s Cassiopeia performance today, how much would you give him?


Teddy’s positioning was good and he dealt damage well too. I’d like to give him a high score, but since he died once, I’ll give him 9.5 out of 10.

Starting from Round 2, you’ve been playing from the team house. How does it feel?


Personally, I feel more comfortable playing at LoL Park. I haven’t adapted fully to playing at the team house, but as we play more, I’ll get more comfortable.

Are there any teammates that feel more comfortable at the team house?


No. The opponent is in the same situation and environment, so I think we just need to do well what we are supposed to do.

There was a break between rounds 1 and 2. What did you do to spend time?


We weren’t able to go out because of the coronavirus so we just took a break for about a day and started practicing right away.

You started round 2 with two wins. How do you expect the remaining season would go?


Today’s match wasn’t clean enough, we were a bit messy. I’d like to have more clean games.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


I’m thankful to the fans who cheered for us even if the matches are online. We’ll repay with good results. Please keep cheering.

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