MiBR dismisses Coach Zews in an attempt to rebound from losses

▲ Coach Zews has been dismissed from MiBR following months of poor results.
Image source:  Igor Bezborodov for StarLadder.


MiBR has made a roster change after months of losses for the team and less than satisfactory events, but it’s not one that people were expecting. They’ve dismissed long-time coach Wilton "zews" Prado, rather than make any direct roster moves on the team, preferring instead to leave their core intact.


"Unfortunately, we were not as successful as we had expected during this reconstruction of MIBR,” Zews said in a statement on Twitter. “ It was never easy to represent a whole nation, and we have let our expectations down, imposed by ourselves, and being honest, when added to our personal problems, ended up contributing to a steep ladder we had to climb."


This steep ladder has indeed been perilous for the team, as they've have not won an event since May of last year at ECS Season 7. Since then, they’ve managed a number of top 8 appearances but haven’t cracked the finals of any events, even at DreamHack Open Anaheim, where they were bested by CompLexity.


“I have my own share of the blame as the team's coach during this difficult period, and I own up to it,” Zews continued. “ I failed in not taking attitudes that I judged necessary for the rehabilitation of the team, and I felt too comfortable with certain decisions and directions our team took... When we deal with something so grand as this team, we must know that the margin for errors are minimal and will be enforced, especially in positions of leadership, so for this, and many other reasons, I apologize."


Despite the blame he took, MiBR’s problems are far from over, though there are signs of hope. They managed to top the Phase 1 Group B in FLASHPOINT, and are now headed into Phase 2 leading on tournament points. On the other hand, they are currently 0-1 in the ESL Pro League, an event they were invited to last minute.


Despite these preliminary results, Zews says that MiBR’s problems are more than skin deep:


"I would like to say that MIBR's problems are closer to resolution, but unfortunately, I am not sure this is the case... the problems this organization faces are more complex, heavy and rooted than they appear to be, and to my view, every solution to these problems seem to be just as complex - it would require a bigger change in its roster and its culture. I am not here to excuse myself of blame or to create jobbery, I recognize what is my fault, but at the same time, I have to analyze the situation entirely so I can learn and evolve as a professional.”


MiBR, sans Zews with manager Ricardo "dead" Sinigaglia standing in as coach, will continue to compete in the ESL Pro League and FLASHPOINT simultaneously.

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