People are making their Animal Crossing characters hot for spring break.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been some good news, but mainly a lot of bad news.


Part of that bad news was the reality that thousands of young college students who were anticipating a fun Spring Break decided to not take the social distancing mandates very seriously and party on the beach anyway. Online onlookers could only look in shock as, while the rest of us were staying 6 feet apart from each other, an alarming sickly looking group of young people was doing quite the opposite.


But, despite this, some Spring Break hopefuls have found a safer and infinitely more entertaining way to celebrate their spring vacation. Rather than willfully contracting a deadly virus, Animal Crossing players have created a way to make their in-game characters look beach-body ready through the games custom wardrobe options available in-game.


It's simple to do and the result is amusing, if not uplifting. These players used a white dress as a canvas of sorts and simply drew whatever spring break aesthetic they wanted to bring into the world of Animal Crossing.



This massively popular Twitter post seen above got the trend started online. Fans were quick to share their own renditions of a spring break inspired look. Staying in-doors has made everyone a little stir-crazy online and it is creative things like this that help make people feel normal again. Kudo's to the clever players that found a new way to celebrate spring break!

Check out some of my favorites:

Technically, while the shirt gives off the illusion of characters wearing swimwear, it is actually a reference to the old 90's style of air-brushed t-shirt people would wear on the beach.

Who wore it better?

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