Doomfist receives legendary skin to commemorate San Francisco Shock's OWL championship


The Overwatch League is well into its third season, but Blizzard Entertainment revealed a treat throwing back to the climax of Season 2: a legendary Doomfist skin. It commemorates the dominant 4-0 victory of the San Francisco Shock over the Vancouver Titans last year. The skin will be available in the game as of March 26.


The concept of the Doomfist skin was to create a powerful rock-solid warrior with a molten core. On various spots an orange glow is visible, highlighting the magma flowing inside Doomfist. To finish the look, the developers gave him gold-plated armor and an obsidian fist.



The incorporation of the San Francisco Shock's brand is subtle. On his forehead, Doomfist bears chalk markings resembling the wave in the San Francisco Shock's logo. Additionally, the letters 'SF' are used as his belt's crest. When Doomfist uses his ultimate ability and lands, the crater he leaves behind also marks the ground with a vague 'SF', as can be seen in the image below.



San Francisco Shock players Matthew "super" DeLisi, Grant "moth" Espe, and 2019 OWL MVP Jay "sinatraa" Won were taken backstage by the developers during BlizzCon 2019 to get a little preview of the new skin. Their responses, as well as a little extra developer insight, can be seen in the video below.



Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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