Gen.G Bdd: "I personally want to play on stage... I feel like (the online matches are) somewhere between playing scrims and playing on stage."


On the 25th (KST), the LCK finally returned after 19 days of hiatus. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the LCK has switched the format of the matches to online. Gen.G faced off against Griffin in the first match of Round 2, and with a set score of 2-0, Gen.G managed to take a clean victory.


Bdd joined Inven Global via Discord to talk about the match, what he’s been up to during the break, and how he foresees the upcoming matches.



What have you been up to during the hiatus?


Once we heard the news that the LCK was going on hiatus, the whole team took some time off. Even still, I went back and forth between the practice room and the team house. Other than that, I spent the days practicing, just like usual.

I heard that Gen.G’s scrims are going well. Is there anything special the team’s been preparing for Round 2?


Not much has changed in-game, so we’ve just been preparing like usual. Our scrim record is positive, so it’s a good thing.

How does it feel to play online?


I personally want to play on stage. I think the only thing that’s good about playing online is that it’s comfortable, in a sense where our gear is already set up. However, it’ll take a bit to get adjusted to it. I feel like it’s somewhere between playing scrims and playing on stage.

In game 1, that moment where you made the enemy’s Lee Sin burn his flash during his gank was a highlight moment.


I knew that when Lee was destroying my ward, he’s going to come for me. That’s why I knew I had to back off, but Lee ended up getting sucked in, so I was very lucky.

Rascal received POG in Game 1. Were you disappointed? I mean, you dealt a lot of damage as well.


I thought I’d receive POG. However, Rascal’s Ornn played a huge part in leading the team into victory, so it was well deserved. I have the most POG points in Round 1, and because of it, I received a confidence boost. That’s why I wanted to receive it again.

On the flip side, Gen.G didn’t have the best start in Game 2. How did the team communicate in Game 2?


Because of a miscommunication, we were at a disadvantage, but we didn’t feel like we were going to lose. We got our momentum back through capitalizing the enemy’s mistakes, and told each other to play slow.

Your next matchups are not easy, and face DAMWON next. What are some of the things that the team needs to look out for vs. DAMWON?


I believe that DAMWON’s upper lanes can be hard to deal with. If we can tighten up our upper lanes, we have no doubt in our ability to beat them.

Lastly, can you say something to your fans watching online?


I’m glad that the matches are at least back via an online format. I’ll continue to work hard to have the team be first place in the standings.

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