Inven Global is hosting speed run stream marathon to raise money for Covid-19 vaccine research.


Starting at 12:01 AM on March 30th, Inven Global will be hosting a speedrunning marathon stream event with partnered runners, streamers and our partners at GiveButter and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.




We are selling "tickets" to the stream event but it is a pay-what-you-want system. No one has to buy a ticket, but if they do, all of the proceeds go to developing Covid-19 relief vaccines and therapeutics. 


Why a speedrunning charity stream?


Inven Global works to push competitive gaming and esports into the mainstream and speedrunning is a beloved staff favorite. In addition, the speedrunning community has raised millions of dollars for charitable causes and we would like to expand this culture to all of gaming.


Plus, who doesn't like to watch classic video games destroyed in record time?


Why GiveButter?



Unlike other fundraising platforms, Givebutter is 100% transparent with their fees. They also take considerably less than competitors and allow donors to make a small 10% donation or tip to cover platform fees. This additional tip or percentage is completely optional, however. With all the fundraising platforms we have researched, Givebutter is the most ethical, transparent, and versatile including a hands-on support team and donations set up for Venmo, PayPal, and other effortless payment options.


Why Bill and Melinda Gates?



They have already committed $100Million to work on Covid 19 -- specifically working on vaccines and getting treatments to market asap.


Doctors and experts are seeing a shortage of the compound Chloroquine (The White House said this would be effective Covid-19 treatment but has been through no clinical trials yet. It is currently used for lupus and malaria treatment). Now, people with Lupus are seeing huge spike in costs for treatment and that’s exactly what we don’t want: trading one catastrophe for another.


The Gates’ Foundations COVID-19 Accelerator Fund directly addresses the issue of rapid and effective treatment for this virus. Their team of experts is working quickly to test and bring safe treatments to the public. We appreciate their efforts and believe strongly in donating to this cause.


What can you do to help?


Watch the stream on March 30th, donate to our cause, or spread the word via social media!




You can follow us on all social media's @Invenglobal. There we will share the stream schedule and links to all our partnered streamers making this possible.


Thank you!

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