Highly competitive with nerves of steel: this is Febiven

Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games

“I play because I love competition.”


Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten is a competitor to be feared. In psychology, competitiveness is defined as an innate biological trait that coexists with the human urge for survival. For as long as humans have roamed planet earth we have competed against all walks of life to remain at the top of the natural pecking order.


Fabian, who currently plays for Misfits Gaming in the LEC, is brought to the Summoner’s Rift by that never-ending struggle.


The whole experience of growing and forcing you to get better at the game is what drives Fabian to the heights of the League of Legends scene. Recalling the first encounter he had with the online global-phenomenon, he has memories of summoning Riven, the Exile: “It was so good. I remember it to this day”. His in-game name, “Febiven”, comes from bashing his first name together with Riven’s.


"Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise." - Kobe Bryant


When you play at the highest level, growth becomes inevitable. Creating discomfort to level up in a team environment, constantly figuring out your emotions, work ethic, and how you can improve are key elements to succeed both individually and in a group setting.


The love for what I do is a strength I have had from the beginning. I continued to build on it as I got better and better with time.  A lot of my external inspiration sources, people I look up to, are famous basketball and soccer players, but sometimes, people in the business field. I search for the right mindset in so many different people, everyone makes it work in a different way and that helps me figure out which path is the best for me.”


Febiven mirrors his work ethic on former professional basketball player Kobe Bryant. The admiration comes from the headstrong mentality and his efforts to lead the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant would gather his teammates after the game, open his laptop, show them their play, and workshop exactly where they needed to improve.


I try to be someone who constantly pushes the team forward. I am always trying to improve my work ethic, the way I communicate and the way I play the game, or everything in general that makes me a better human being, from my daily routine to the foods I eat, the way I speak to the group and take responsibility. Sometimes, I get messages whenever I share inspirational quotes from what I read, and people will ask me for recommendations of books to read. I get really happy to see that I spread this positivity.”


Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games


When stress kicks in and results determine the outcome of an important event, rage ignites the fire. Rivalry is to a game, what gasoline is to a flame. Playing against the strongest teams invites a sense of proving something to yourself and others. Febiven reinforces that looking at the bright side makes decision making more efficient, and the mind more clear, even in chaos.


My mind and body are connected. If I don’t equally develop them, one of them will suffer; I can feel it. Exercising, the way I eat, the way I talk to myself, all that plays into putting me in the ideal conditions. The amount of time I spend reading, or watching bullshit on the internet, can also affect my mindset. Sometimes when you wake up and open twitter, you can see comments or content that triggers you. If you take in all this stuff, you will not give your mind any breaks. I get a lot of help from mentors I get in contact with online, also the reading I do is really important for me, just like transcendental meditation.”


The combination of high skill and mastering the control of your emotions gives Fabian an unlimited level of belief in himself. Seeking to be the best player he can be is his priority, without neglecting the fact that sometimes, overconfidence can take over. Winning a lot of games in a row, or doing too much positive self-talk can get in the way of success. But, right now, he's comfortable with the current line he toes.


I play because I love competition.




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