Black Survival: Eternal Return's 5th Alpha Test is taking place every weekend

▲ Image Source: Nimble Neuron


Black Survival: Eternal Return has been in its Alpha stage for about a year, and Nimble Neuron has decided to have a 5th (and final) Alpha Test before Black Survival: Eternal Return's Early Access Launch. Along with bringing new features to the game, including a tutorial for new testers, they will be adding crowd favorite Hart as a new character, who will be bringing a new tune into this Alpha test.


The tests for the 5th Alpha kicked off on March 20th, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT and will take place every Saturday and Sunday going forward.  You can join the test by requesting a key in their official Discord. Once you have received and activated the key code on Steam, you will be able to play the game during the specified dates. More information about the Alpha test period is available via Steam. 


About Black Survival: Eternal Return


In the Black Survival world, test subjects are forced to eliminate each other to be the last one alive. The game is a battle royale inspired game where 15 players try to reach the end by taking advantage of the items, map, and strategies offered in each battle.


You can play as one of the many characters with unique styles and skill sets and select one of the many weapon types available for that character. Therefore, your strategy will vary and is highly customizable depending on your selected character and your chosen weapon. 


The game also features frequent important searching and crafting, which adds more weight to your tactics and gameplay. Additionally, you will be able to craft or find traps, surveillance cameras, food, and other items to help you survive until the end.


Black Survival is primarily played by mobile gamers, though it has become available to play on PC, but Black Survival: Eternal Return will bring this experience to the PC in a formal fashion for the first time later on in 2020. 

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