T1 head coach Kim: "The players are really bored of being stuck inside because of the coronavirus."


The LCK was on break for 19 days. Because the circumstances were unforeseen, fans and all parties involved with the league were all very flustered about the news. However, among them, the teams involved must’ve been the ones who must’ve had a lot on their minds.


During this seemingly long break, the only way to hear the news about the teams was through the players’ streams and updates on their respective social media. Even the journalists were keen to talk about how they spent their time, but given the circumstances, it was impossible to meet face to face to have a conversation.


That’s why Inven Global decided to send the list of simple questions to the head coaches of different teams, who naturally have a good grasp of what the team atmosphere’s been like. The first team to respond to these questions was T1. Curious on how they’ve spent their time during the break? Let’s take a look at what "Kim", the head coach for T1, had to say.



Hello, it’s been a while. LCK’s hiatus was quite long as well. There are many fans who wonder how the teams are doing during this time. How has T1 been spending this down time?


It hasn’t been much different. We were living the pro gamers’ lives playing scrims and solo queue. There shouldn’t be much special since activities have been very limited due to the coronavirus.

T1 had quite good results in Round 1. You would have heard all the fans’ voices at the scene if it was as usual. It would have been regretful for you that the league came to a stop. How did you and the players feel?


There was nothing we could have done, so we did as we were instructed. The players seemed to feel empty and awkward when there were no spectators. There need to be fans for stars to exist, so we were able to feel more about the preciousness of the fans’ existence.

You practiced hard, but since you can’t go out, there wouldn’t have been much to do during even when you’re taking a break. What did the team usually do?


We really did nothing at all. We were ordered not to go out… The players weren’t able to do much on off days, so they really liked it when I let them make themselves comfortable in other game facilities. Since we weren’t able to do much, we just simply didn’t do anything.

How do the players look? Is it the same? Are they sick of being stuck inside? How are they doing?


The players are really bored of being stuck inside because of the coronavirus. Some players wanted to go see the ocean or go out somewhere. Everyone was wondering when the coronavirus would be settled and was saying, “I want to go out freely”.

T1 had a charity stream to support the people working to fight against the coronavirus. How was it?


It was meaningful since we all did it as a team. The players also were thankful that they were given an opportunity to do that.

The LCK Round 2 will be starting this week, online. It’s the first time matches are taking place online in the LCK. How do you think it would be? It would be quite different compared to the arena.


Obviously, the atmosphere would be very different. We finished Round 1 with good results, so it would be regretful that the environment is changing. Since we can’t do anything about it, we need to adapt to it. Also, playing online means the environment would be the same as scrims. There should be some teams that would be better than when playing in the arena.

What do you want to do the most if the coronavirus goes away? As a team, and as an individual?


I suggested we go hiking if it goes away, but I got rejected by the coaches in one second. They said that if I say that to the players, they would freak out. As a team, I’d like to go see the ocean or go hiking. As an individual, I think I’ll probably travel somewhere after the season.

Lastly, a comment to the fans that you’ll be meeting online?


Thank you to all the fans that always send support to T1. It’s regretful that we’ll be playing online. Please watch out about coronavirus and be happy.

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