How did Afreeca Freecs spend their time during the LCK hiatus? A conversation with the head coach of Afreeca Freecs, iloveoov


The LCK was on break for 19 days. Because the circumstances were unforeseen, fans and all parties involved with the league were all very flustered about the news. However, among them, the teams involved must’ve been the ones who must’ve had a lot on their minds.


During this seemingly long break, the only way to hear the news about the teams was through the players’ streams and updates on their respective social media. Even the journalists were keen to talk about how they spent their time, but given the circumstances, it was impossible to meet face to face to have a conversation.


That’s why Inven Global decided to send the list of simple questions to the head coaches of different teams, who naturally have a good grasp of what the team atmosphere’s been like. The first team to respond to these questions was Afreeca Freecs. Curious on how they’ve spent their time during the break? Let’s take a look at what Choi ‘iloveoov’ Yeon-sung, the head coach for Afreeca, had to say.



Hello, it’s been a while. LCK’s hiatus was quite long as well. There are many fans who wonder how the teams are doing during this time. How has Afreeca been spending this down time?


We’ve had a bit of a break, but we’ve also been practicing hard.

The Spring split was put to a sudden halt due to unforeseen circumstances. Usually, there would be many fans at LoL Park cheering you guys on, but the team must’ve been very bummed out to not only get a chance to interact with the fans, but also to have the matches put on hold. How does the team feel about all this?


It’s really unfortunate that we aren’t able to interact with the fans. I believe that applies especially to the players than the coaching staff, who had a much closer relationship with the fans.

Although you must’ve practiced really hard, it must’ve been very difficult to properly enjoy the break due to being stuck inside. How did the team spend their off time?


Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard to go outside, so we’re spending most of our time inside the practice room. Although it’s hard to know what each player did during the break or the weekend, I predict that they just stayed home and got rested up.

How did the players spend their time during the hiatus? Were there any noticeable differences? Were they perhaps bored out of their minds? 


Not much has changed with the players. Mystic is a married man, so I believe that he’s taking extra precautions for the Coronavirus.

It’s just been announced that Round 2 of the LCK will resume soon, and that it’ll return via online format. How do you think it’ll be to play out the matches online? Since the team’s not playing at LoL Park, I presume that the atmosphere will be a lot different.

Since this is very new to all of us, it’s very hard to say, but I think that things will feel very different as to playing at LoL Park. It’ll be my job to ensure that the players focus well as they did in the arena.

Once this Coronavirus pandemic dwindles, what’s the one thing that you really want to do, personally and as a team?


I really want to have a team dinner and drink until we get very drunk. The team and I made a promise to do so.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans that are eagerly waiting for the team to play again, even if it’s via online?


The players’ focus is very important, and I believe that the players are able to focus harder because of all the fans. Thank you for all your support in all of our hard working players.

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