Dataminers find champion names and voice lines for next Legends of Runeterra expansion

Image Source: Riot Games


Although Legends of Runeterra has only been in open beta for two months, and players are still figuring out how to play with the base set, new content is looming. With patch 0.9.2, Riot—seemingly accidentally—uploaded a bunch of new content to the client. Champion names, units and voice lines have all been datamined, totalling almost an entire expansion worth of content.


On the League of Legends Fandom Wiki, almost ten full pages of champion and unit voicelines are listed as being part of the patch. The long list of new champions includes:


  • Aurelion Sol;
  • Diana;
  • Fizz;
  • Gangplank;
  • Lee Sin;
  • Leona;
  • Lulu;
  • Maokai;
  • Miss Fortune;
  • Nautilus;
  • Nocturne;
  • Riven;
  • Sejuani;
  • Shyvana;
  • Soraka;
  • Swain
  • Tahm Kench;
  • Taric;
  • Trundle;
  • Twisted Fate;
  • Vi;
  • Viktor;
  • Zoe;


Several members of the community have tried to group up the champions to find out which region they'll be added to. As the Legends of Runeterra developers have stated before, each new expansion in the game will add one completely new region, and expand all existing regions with a few new champions. Following this logic it would make sense that champions like Riven would join Noxus' set, or Maokai the Shadow Isles'. Champions like Gangplank and Miss Fortune almost certainly belong to their own region, however: Bilgewater.


Though the leaks are exciting, Legends of Runeterra fans will likely have to curb their enthusiasm a little longer. As said earlier, Riot's card game has only just entered its beta stage, and the developers are working at full force to make the base game itself complete. Perhaps when the game launches later this year, we'll get more info on the leaked champions actually being added to the game.

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