OP list 10.6: Everyone speaks with one voice, The Wukong rework is insane

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Everyone speaks with one voice. The Wukong rework is insane now. Only two days have passed since the update of Wukong, the win-rate and pick-rate are not countable. However, most of the pro-players, streamers, and YouTubers say Wukong is an OP champion without question. Some of them claim that Wukong needs to be hot-fixed.

Riot Games revealed on their patch 10.6 note, "One of our primary goals of this update is to give Wukong more of that true trickster playstyle that it felt like he was missing."

As Shaco has been showing on the Rift, the trickster playstyle demands a high level of understanding about the champion. Riot made Wukong as solid as Malphite so that summoners would be able to try and practice various combos until they get used to the trickster style without trolling. 

This is why Wukong is OP now. Wukong is too solid and even strong.




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Runes are focused on long-lasting fights. Conqueror, Triumph, and Last stand will help you in the long battle. Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic, too. There is another option picking Electrocute to maximize Wukong's damage. However, this doesn't seem to fit Riot Games' intention.


How to Play 



When releasing the new or remade champions, Riot Games usually makes them very competitive in the recent meta as much as possible. Wukong also has his strength on the meta as bruisers and tanks rule the Rift. With the Passive skill (INNATE: Wukong gains 5 − 11 (based on level) bonus armor and regenerates 0.5% of his maximum health per 5 seconds), he has an advantage in skirmishes or laning phases against bruiser type champions. 


In the early laning phase, Wukong gains Immense Armor against AD champions. Charging Conquerer full-stack and with the passive skill, you can normally dominate the laning phase against bruisers. Ruby Crystal simply amplifies Wukong's lane advantage. Don't hesitate to buy it at first recall. It is also the base item for Black Cleaver which is the core for Wukong. 


Nimbus Strike (E) has its strength in the laning phase. Rather than using the E skill on the enemy directly, use it on the minions nearby the champion. Since Nimbus Strike costs only 30 mana, you can frequently poke the enemy without losing health. 


Warrior Trickster (W) is the key skill for Wukong. With the decoy, not only that you can damage the enemy but also charge the Conquerer stack easily. You can go through the wall through it, even knock up them with Cyclone (R). It will help you dominate the Rift from the laning phase to the end of the game. Those who master the W skill faster will reach higher tiers. 


Wukong's era will not last for a long time. Don't be late to take the bus Wukong drives. It can take you to a much higher tier than you can reach. 

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