[Official] Overwatch League returns, resuming games in an online format

▲ Image Source: Activision Blizzard


Right after the LCS and LEC announced they'd be resuming their games in an online format, the Overwatch League did the same, with a new schedule that both "eliminates the need for travel while maintaining a level playing field for the teams." The games will all be played locally from their own region, meaning the teams will not all be traveling to one location. 




Different regions will have different amounts of matches to catch up, however, but "each team will play the amount of matches necessary to catch them up to the total amount of matches they had been scheduled to play through the midseason point of the original schedule." So for teams that missed extra matches, they'll play more per week to ensure they catch up by the end of the season. 


Also, since the original schedule that was set up for both in-conference and out-of-conference play is no longer possible due to the restructuring and removal of travel, the Overwatch League is reevaluating playoff format and qualification. Each of the games through March and April "will be played using the updated Hero Pool selection process and will use the following map set:"




The new schedule for the rest of the season can be found here. 

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