[Official] LEC, LCS, and Academy return this week with online games, see the new schedule here

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The League of Legends Championship Series commissioner, Chris Greeley, announced early Tuesday morning that the LCS and Academy League would resume their season in an online format this weekend. Immediately afterward, the League of Legends European Championship made their own announcement, confirming the same. The leagues each canceled their matches late last week amid growing concerns for the health and safety of league players, staff, and officials, but now have finalized plans for its completion. All three leagues will resume this upcoming weekend.



The LCS and LCS Academy have a new confirmed schedule for the entire rest of the 2020 Spring Split, all the way through playoffs. The league is doing away with Academy Rush and Monday Night League, playing Academy games on Thursday and Friday, and LCS games on Saturday and Sunday. The new schedule is as follows:



Week 8: March 19-20

Week 9: March 26-27

Quarterfinals: April 2-3

Semifinals: April 9-10

Finals: April 17



Week 8: March 21-22

Week 9: March 28-29

Playoffs Round 1: April 4-5

Round 1 Losers: April 7-8

Round 2: April 11-12

Finals: April 18-19


As a reminder, the LCS playoffs has a new format this year, including a losers bracket. Read more on the format here.




They have not announced exactly how the matches will take place on their end, but it is assumed that the players will not play from studio, but rather their home facility. Follow here for updates on the situation, especially as they may make changes going into playoffs, or once the league has more information on the coronavirus and experience broadcasting remote.




The LEC made a very similar announcement as the LCS, but with no confirmed schedule yet. They have more details on their situation otherwise, however, like how they will monitor players. The LEC will be playing each of their regular season matches from the teams' respective home facilites, but they're not sending referees to monitor the matches. Instead, they'll be taking extra measures otherwise, including additional video, screen, and audio recording. They also are working through how they can manage pauses and rematches in case of technical difficulties. 




The LEC will start this Friday, March 20th at 18:00 CET, and the Finals will be April 18-19th. Please follow our Twitter below for more updates on the LEC and LCS schedule, as well as other esports news and content. 

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