The invade of the supports: Janna is the newest contender in the top lane


Not so long ago, support champions started to show up in the top lane. From Soraka, Sona, to even Janna, they started to take over the top lane. This was possible because the amount of gold generated from the support item, Spellthief’s Edge, provides incredible value, and that it’s able to counter so many champions in the current meta. Despite the nerfs on Spellthief’s Edge, Soraka, and Sona, Janna is still a powerful pick in the top lane.


Janna’s win rate in solo queue is still looking good. She sits at about 53% win rate, and despite the low pick rate, the data is far from being irrelevant. After the nerfs on Spellthief’s Edge, it’s proven that players can start Doran’s Ring on Janna and still do her job well.


Janna top was also played in the competitive world of League of Legends. She was only played twice on stage, and since the matches aren’t held in the 10.5 patch, it may not hold much meaning to mention her win rate, but it’s still at 100%. CLG’s top laner, Ruin, and G2’s Wunder both played her at LCS and LEC respectively.


Ruin and Wunder played Janna into Ornn and Sett respectively, and they both had a good KDA score. Because it was on the 10.4 patch, both players started off with Spellthief’s Edge, and opted to build the same way as a support Janna would build.


10.5 patch will soon be implemented in all the leagues around the world. Although the two aforementioned players will utilize Janna a bit differently, her win rate in solo queue is still high. Will Janna turn out to be a major pick in competitive play? Although the chances of being so aren’t high, it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

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