LEC pros talk about “Fasting Senna”

Photography by Michal Konkol for Riot Games


Popularized in the League of Legends Championship in Korea, a new Senna build has quickly made its way to the west. In Korean, the term “farming” is substituted by “eating”, and given Senna does not farm in this type of play, the build is called “Fasting Senna”.


League of Legends European Championship players explain why this build is so easy to exploit, and will likely be seen a lot more often on stage. You can find more details on how Fasting Senna works in Shakarez’s video below:

Tore - Excel Esports



"'Fasting Senna' is basically changed so she doesn’t get souls when you take CS, so you are kind of there as a support, but also as an AD. You still build damage, but you are focused on taking the souls and on your support or laner takes the CS. You can play with tons of other champions, like Tahm Kench, Tarric. I don’t want to spoil too much, but there’s really a lot of champions you can use."


"It’s definitely a good strategy, it’s really strong against anything, because you can pick Senna early and you are so flexible because it works with so many other champions to pair her. Whenever you have a champion that can be played in so many roles, they are usually very strong."


Finn - Rogue



"It’s a really strong strategy. It allows Senna to be strong enough on her own while allowing the secondary bot laner, not the support per se, but the secondary bot laner to pick up a lot of farm, becoming almost as strong as a solo laner. For example. The Tahm Kench in our game was maybe as strong as me or our mid laner was, because the amount of gold it gets, it makes it really tanky."


"More experienced players will find different combinations for the 'Fasting Senna'. It would be really annoying to play with a quadruple threat composition, meaning our team has four players really stacked up with gold. It will be really hard to fight them if you are at an even level, so you either snowball early or you will inevitably fall behind in the amount of gold. "


Denyk - Misfits



"Playing against 'Fasting Senna' gave us two options in the draft, either match it with a really strong bot lane or sacrifice the bot lane. We basically played around mid most of the time, because of Lucio in the mid lane, that needed a lot of jungle attention, so we ended up sacrificing bot. SK Gaming should have played much more aggressively to stack the souls on Senna so she could have been useful in the mid game, but they didn’t play it properly."


"We have prepared a lot more stuff with Senna which I can’t talk about, but with 'Fasting Senna', you basically want to pick a good farming champion as support, or something more aggressive, and basically harass the enemy support all the time. Senna has a really good sustain and stacks the souls, so you need to have really good champion coordination as well, so you can grab the souls from the jungle camps. I think this champion is really busted."


Innaxe - Schalke 04



"I think we first started seeing Senna be played this way in the beginning of week 06’s scrims. Since the new patch hit, Aphelios was weaker, so players started to use Senna in the top lane, especially after realizing she is really broken."


"I don’t know how they are going to fix her. Developers are trying to make Senna a support, but unless they work on her support item issue, where she gets so much gold from it, I don’t think they will be balancing it. She will either be broken on AD carry or she will be useless. Senna has infinite scaling, so I hope they fix her. It’s kind of boring to play against, but really fun to play with. "


"I have played against her three times, and after the first couple times I could tell it just wasn’t fair. Tahm Kench is way too tanky and already does a lot of damage, and on top of that, you have Senna that isn’t farming but is outscaling your AD carry somehow. There is basically a really good early game, mid game and a great late game, and right now there is no weakness except for really hard engage., which becomes difficult if the team picked Tahm Kench. We won every game with it and lost every game against it."


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