Teamfight Tactics 10.5 patch enables Lux to deal 99,999 damage

▲ Lux is ending Set 2 with a bang.


The final patch for Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements is upon us. With patch 10.5 scheduled to go live next week ahead of Set 3's launch date in the middle of March, Riot Games' development team is looking to put the auto chess title in the best state possible prior to wiping the slate clean.


On Sunday afternoon, Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer, the title's Lead Designer, took to his personal Twitch stream to unveil what the team is looking to do in patch 10.5. While the information below is subject to change, it should give players an understanding of what they can expect over the next couple of weeks as they prepare for Set 3.


According to Mortimer, the goal for the final update of Set 2 is to slightly tweak some numbers and provide the most fun experience possible until Galaxies kicks off. By making three-star Zed and Lux absurd, "Because I can," said Mort, players will have an exciting fantasy to chase as they grind Ranked, solo or play with friends.


The tentative patch 10.5 notes are as follows:

Image Sources: Riot Games

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    level 1 Ray_Jin

    Im going to miss set 1 and 2. I hope set 3 has new features like, getting a unit to level 3 changes their ultimate. 

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