MVP Beyond: "If it goes well with the team, I can always play an unpopular Champion."


MVP won 2-1 against Jin Air Green Wings today after a fierce fight in Set 3 that went for more than an hour. MVP Beyond made noticeable contribution to his team especially in Set 3 as Rengar, marking the fight against JAG UmTi as his victory.

Below is our post-match press interview with Kyusuk "Beyond" Kim.


How does it feel to take away a precious victory after a long fight against JAG?

This is our second victory in a row. I am happy to take away many points, and also starving. We will practice hard to also win our next matchup against kt Rolster.


You seem to prefer making uncommon picks for each lane, while also proving your choices to have been the right ones. Would you say that you tend to have less bias on your selection of Champions?

I don't have any bias on Champions, and I tend to think more about if the Champion suits well with the rest of the team. I can always pick a Champion if it can produce synergy with the rest of the team, even if the Champion is weak in Ranked Solo.


Ian played Zed today. What is your opinion on Zed? Do you think he is a good Champion? Don't you think it took a long time for the match to end because of Zed?

I am not sure if Zed is good or not. I think it depends on how he is played macro-wise in the team. I think it took us longer to win today because Zed was unstable while we had stronger showing in top and bot lanes. Enemy Kha'Zix made it hard for our Zed to split and push. It was especially harder because we didn't have as much vision on the map.


Will we one day be able to see you rocking with Shyvana, just like Geonmo "ADD" Kang's Sion?

My preference on Shyvana was based on my performance during scrims. I once had 80% win rate against Rengar, but I could no longer reach that point ever since she received a nerf. I had picked Shyvana when the enemy picked Rengar, but I no longer think it is a good idea. I don't think I'll play Shyvana anymore.


How was your matchup against UmTi?

I think he was a relatively comfortable jungler to deal with. I didn't see much of an experience from his play, and it was relatively easy to read what was going in his head.


You two each took away Graves and Rengar in the second round. Do you think Graves can effectively counter Rengar?

I think it is hard for Graves to carry on the fight if it's a good Rengar. I think it also depends on how experienced you are. Once Graves has more advantage in macro, he can make Rengar simply wither to death. I recommend you go with Graves if you are confident, and Rengar if you are not.


Your next matchup is against kt Rolster. Will we be able to see any surprise pick?

We will come up with a strategy that can do well against kt Rolster, but I am not sure if it would work well enough. We will prepare hard.


Last words?

Thank you to all fans that always watch us play and cheer for us. We are trying hard to win, so please keep it up.

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