SKT Bang: "We are trying harder than we did last year and before."


Today's matchup featuring SKT T1 and bbq OLIVERS saw SKT T1 take away a decisive victory of 2-0. Bang led the team to victory despite the continuous bans targeted towards him, showing solid presence as the team's ADC. He also kept the audience entertained during the pause as he cuddled the plush he received from one of his fans.

Below is the post-match press interview with Junsik "Bang" Bae.


How does it feel to wash away the last defeat and win against bbq OLIVERS?

It feels good to win today. I'm not satisfied with our performance today, but I think we did decent enough.


What did you and your teammates do to reinforce the team's strategy ever since last defeat?

We had unnecessary loss in early phase of the game. We decided to move together as a team to focus on macro-wise aspect of the game.


bbq OLIVERS showed concentrated suppression on its enemy jungler in the previous match. Was Peanut stable enough to carry on?

We never thought he was unstable. His Rengar never had any problem, and we never felt Rengar was holding us back.


The bans from bbq OLIVERS seemed to have been concentrated on keeping out SKT T1's bot lane from using their favorite picks. What did you think about that?

I think it's a better strategy to use your bans on other lanes. It made me question if it was the right decision to suppress bot lane like that and take away Ziggs.


Caitlyn seems to dominate the scene when it comes to ADC Champions that are centered around their normal attacks. What is your opinion on Caitlyn? Will we be able to see more of such Champions?

There are many strong ADC Champions like Varus and Jhin. They are strong in lane fights, and also in team fights especially when they focus on enhancing their armor penetration. I think Caitlyn is still there thanks to her strength in lane fights, but her contribution to team fight is not as good as other top-tier ADC Champions.


You shaved your facial hair really sharp today.

I did that just to freshen up my mood.


What do you think about your personality as a streamer?

I differentiate my streaming personality from my real one. Streamer Junsik is a different person from SKT T1 Bang. Please don't put the two next to each other on spotlight.


What was the plush you showed during the pause?

It was a gift I received from my fan, and I liked it so much that I gave it a nickname. I always carried it in my equipment bag, and felt bad about it always staying in the bag (not getting the spotlight). I played with it because I had nothing much else to do during the pause. I also wanted to show that it can change its clothes.


How are you going to prepare for the matchup against Longzhu?

It is an important match for us. We have been practicing continuously, and will produce a desirable outcome as good as the amount we have practiced.


Any last words?

We have not been able to show our best performance ever since the year 2017 had begun. We will however be able to show show as good performance as the fans are expecting, because we are trying harder than we did last year and the year before. We will show you the play that suits the title SKT T1.

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