LPL, LCK, and MSI…? The fear of the coronavirus shadowing over LoL Esports


Today’s cartoon is about the fear of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading in the LoL Esports scene.


It’s ‘28 days later’ than LCK kicked off without spectators. LoL Park is still empty and gloomy. As the threat alert level was raised to the highest in Korea, the press room has been temporarily shut down starting this week. All situations are unprecedented in the LCK.


Riot Games has delayed announcing the places and schedule for the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational which takes place after the spring split. It is not known when the threat from the coronavirus will be resolved; there will be issues regarding being admitted to entering countries. It would be difficult to decide the details of a grand international competition.


Reactions follow concerning about the worst case. Stepping further from the current situation in the LCK and LPL, some are predicting that the MSI may be suspended or held without audiences as well. There are concerns for the players who live together while some fans make a nuisance trying to contact the players at the scene, ignoring the regulations.


The situation is getting worse. When will this end? As everyone is making sacrifices and working to prevent this from getting worse, I just hope everything gets back to normal as soon as possible. Again, I’d like to mention to all our readers, please take care.


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