SB Leo: "Outside of the game, GorillA looks after us like a mom. He tries to do the same in-game, but I try to control him..."


On the 23rd (KST), SANDBOX Gaming shut out DAMWON Gaming 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. SANDBOX was on a 4-game losing streak after their first win against APK Prince. After the match, Han “Leo” Gyeo-re joined the press room for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Since we were on a losing streak, the team atmosphere wasn’t good. I really wanted to win today and I’m happy that we did. I think we’ll be able to continue practicing in a good mood.

As you said, you stopped the losing streak today. What went well today compared to other matches?


I think it went as we thought from the picks & bans. We had feedback that we should reduce mistakes and I felt that our team was changing little by little in that matter.

SANDBOX hadn’t picked Ornn before today. Today you did pick Ornn, and won.


We didn’t use Ornn before, but the champion’s win rate proves its strength. So we decided to follow the meta.

This is your first official interview after moving to SANDBOX. What kind of player do you think you are?


I think I’m a bot laner that tries to get through the laning phase without getting in trouble to concentrate in the late game, fighting well in teamfights. But I do think I have a far way to go, so I need to work harder.

Champions like Ezreal, Xayah, Kai’Sa appeared today. Other teams also pick them from time to time. Which champion do you think is better?


Ezreal vs Kai’Sa is kind of a fight of pride. I was confident whatever it was, so I picked Ezreal with confidence. I think Ezreal is a bit better in the current meta.

You’re playing aside one of the longest active players in the LCK, GorillA. How is he?


Outside of the game, GorillA looks after us like a mom. He tries to do the same in-game, but I try to control him, so he’s probably trying to fit himself to me.

You did win today, but there’s far to go. How do you plan to go ahead in the remaining season?


Our current record is 2-4. When we were down 1-4, we thought we had nothing to lose. I think we’ll prepare for our next match thinking that we can win if we just do what we always do.

Any last comments?


Our CEO, Lee Pil-seong gives us a lot of support. Although we’re not doing that well, don’t worry too much. We’ll do our best.

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