Riot Korea advises all members on site to be self-quarantined until further notice; hostess sent to hospital due to fever


Riot Korea is calling on everyone who was present at the League of Legends Champions Korea studio at LoL Park today to go home and not leave until further notice, after LCK announcer Kim Min-ah was sent to the hospital reporting a slight fever. Press, media, players and all others at the scene have been advised to stay home until it’s clarified whether or not Min-ah is tested positive on having the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


During the 2020 League of Legends Spring Split, analyst Ha “Bitdory” Kwang-seok delivered news that announcer Kim Min-ah was sent to the hospital due to slight fever. Min-ah showed symptoms during today’s schedule. During the first examination, it didn’t seem like the situation was concerning, but she was sent to the hospital for further examination in cautious anticipation of the worst. As Min-ah’s role requires to be physically close to many on the scene, the case is taken seriously.


Though the Coronavirus has been cause for panic and extreme caution across the world, those at the LCK aren’t extremely alarmed. Rather, they’re surprised by the case, and accepting of the measures Riot Korea is taking.


Currently in LoL Park, the games are in progress without spectators due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. To those who enter the arena, including the players, cast, staff members, and the media are required to have their body temperatures checked and use hand sanitizers as well as wearing masks. Also, whoever that has any sign of fever is required to leave the scene.





UPDATE February 24, 2:27 am PT:


LCK announcer Kim Min-ah has tested negative on the Coronavirus. After being sent to the hospital with a slight fever the announcer spent a day awaiting test results, but she has not contracted the virus. Riot Korea has lifted the announced self-quarantine, which advised all who were present at the LCK studios to remain home. The LCK will continue to carefully check everyone who enters the premises for any fever symptoms.


Inven Global will still not attend the LCK this week as a safety measure. However, as announced in the Tweet below, we will produce as much LCK content as we can and we hope to be back on-site as soon as possible.



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    level 1 TheBeege

    My girlfriend and I were near LoL Park yesterday. Are there any updates regarding 김민아's condition? I hope she doesn't have Coronavirus and that she feels better soon regardless of what it is.

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