T1 Cuzz: "As much as Khan helped me grow back when I was on Longzhu, I think it’s my turn to help Canna grow."

▲ From the left: Effort, Canna, Faker, Roach, Teddy, Cuzz


On the 23rd (KST), T1 took on APK Prince in Week 3 of the 2020 LCK Spring Split. Tonight, Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan played Gragas in both game 1 and 2, and with the purchase of Mejai’s Soulstealer, Cuzz was able to hit 720 AP, and with a set score of 2-0, he played a huge role in leading T1 to victory over APK.


The jungler for T1, Cuzz, joined Inven Global to talk about his victory, his growth as a jungler, and his role within the team as a mentor to the rookies on T1.



Please share your thoughts on the victory tonight.


I’m glad that I won tonight and continue the win streak. I thought that getting a lot of points were important as well, and I’m glad that tonight ended on a 2-0.

Are you satisfied with the standings of the team?


The loss vs. Hanwha Life Esports hurts a bit, but since we faced off against tough teams early and improved, I think we’re doing pretty well. 

As you face off against tough opponents, there are certain things you learn. What do you think you learned after facing such teams?


Not only did I learn to focus better, I learned what kind of plays I should and shouldn’t make. The better the teams are, the better they are at making less mistakes, so I learned when to set things up and when to defend. 

T1 is an organization that has a rich legacy. How did you feel when you first joined the team?


I always thought it was a great team, and since so many people thought of T1 as an incredible organization, I felt really good. When my friends asked me about my team, I told them I joined T1, and since it was a major corporation, they were especially happy about it.

Does T1 seem different from the inside as to the outside?


It was pretty similar. I predicted that it was a great place, and it was just as great.

It must’ve felt especially different to play against Faker as to playing with him. How did it feel to initially work with your teammates?


When it came to the teammates’ personalities, it was pretty similar to how I first imagined it. I like to adjust to people’s personalities, and they were and still are very friendly.

I think you mentioned in an official LCK broadcast that it was tough to play with Khan because he kept asking for ganks.


As tough as it was, I learned a lot from playing with him. Not only is Khan an incredible player, I’m really grateful that I got to play with him. 

On the flip side, it seems that Canna doesn’t call you too much for ganks. Does that mean that there’s a lot more for you to do inside the game?


It’s important to play your part on your own, but not only is he still a rookie, it hasn’t been long since we started to build our synergy, I think my role is to help him grow as a player. Before I knew it, I gained a lot of experience under my belt, so I think it’s good that I can help whenever necessary.

You definitely do have a lot of experience. I remember your Longzhu days like it was yesterday.


As much as Khan helped me grow back when I was on Longzhu, I think it’s my turn to help Canna grow.

Before Clid’s time with T1 last year, it felt like T1’s a tough team for junglers. Did you feel the same when you joined?


Clid played phenomenally in 2019, so a lot of people around me were worried about me because they thought that I would be compared to Clid. However, I knew that as long as I played well, I’d be okay, and I knew that I shouldn’t be scared of such things, so I just let it flow out from one ear to another, and focused on myself. 

Although you look very innocent, it seems that you’re very strong inside.


I hear that quite a bit, and they tell me that I look like I have a stronger mentality than they initially thought. Although I may look like I’m loud and rowdy, I’m pretty quiet and reserved.

Among your teammates, is there a specific person that you have personal talks the most?


I don’t talk about those things that often, as they’re pretty private things, but if I had to choose, it would have to be Roach. Not only did we graduate from the same middle school, we’re also the same age, so I think we mesh pretty well. 

Does it transition to better performance on stage?


I’m not sure. I’m pretty objective when I’m playing, so I try not to mix emotions into it. I don’t think I play well if I mix emotions into the game, so I’m especially wary about my emotions during matches.

On Gragas, you bought Mejai’s Soulstealer and hit 720 AP. Are you satisfied with your performance tonight?


Yes. I bought it because I knew that I was able to get full stacks on it, and deal damage while not dying. Although there was room for improvement, I properly dealt damage and pulled enemy aggro properly, so I was pretty satisfied with my performance overall.

Lastly, can you say a few words to the fans that watched your match at home?


Thank you to all the fans that cheered for me and T1 tonight. I’ll make sure to not get complacent, prepare for my next match well, and win.

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