T1 Canna on being the starting top laner: "I don’t really understand why I’m starting. I don’t know what our head coach is thinking."


On the 23rd (KST), T1 took on APK Prince in Week 3 of the 2020 LCK Spring Split. This battle between David and Goliath did not play out the same way as the fairy tale, as T1 defeated APK with a set score of 2-0. In both game 1 and 2, APK had an early lead over T1, but T1 being the veterans they are, they were able to close out the game from behind.


The top laner for T1, Kim “Canna” Chang-dong joined the Press Room to talk about the post-match victory.



Thoughts on the 2-0 victory?


I only did what I had to do in-game, and it feels good that I was able to win tonight.

You’re now on a 4-match win streak. How do you feel?


I’m a rookie, so I was worried about losing in the beginning, but I’m really happy that I keep winning.

Can you talk about your Camille and Renekton pick in game 1 and 2 respectively?


I had to play an AD champion in game 1, and head coach Kim told me to play Camille. However, because of my lack of practice on the champion, I didn’t play so well. In game 2, I felt that Renekton was the situational go-to pick.

Despite Roach being the veteran, how does it feel to be the starting top laner for T1?


Although I’m grateful, I don’t really understand why I’m starting. I don’t know what our head coach is thinking.

Despite being down early in both games, T1 won the game from being behind. In the current meta where overtaking games are hard, what did you guys talk about to take the victories?


We told ourselves that we’ll outscale them in the mid-late game. We screwed up a lot early, but Teddy played very well on Ezreal. In the dragon fight, the Rumble ultimate was on point, and our skills were distributed really well. In game 2, I believe that we just landed our skills better.

You’ll be playing against Griffin, a rematch of the Summer finals last year.


There’s a lot that I still have to work on. I’ll make sure to practice hard to put on a good performance.

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