GEN Bdd: "I’m always confident, and I’m always aiming to be on top."


On the 21st (KST), Gen.G took down DragonX with a set score of 2-1 in Week 3 of the 2020 LCK Spring. Despite a rocky start in game 1, Gen.G snowballed the game early in both game 2 and 3, and it looked as if Gen.G was performing at a level many levels higher than DRX. With this match victory, Gen.G solidified their place as the 1st place in the LCK standings.


The mid laner for Gen.G, who won both Player of the Game in this series, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong joined the Press Room to talk about tonight’s victory over DRX.



Thoughts on the victory?


We came in with the mindset that we had to win tonight, and I’m glad that we won against a team ranked high in the standings.

Gen.G is now first place in the standings. Although it’s early in the season, where do you see the team stand in the standings by the end of the season?


I believe that as long as we keep working hard, we’ll be able to maintain our place high in the standings.



Can you tell us about the loss in game 1, and how you managed to turn it around in game 2 and 3 in landslide victories?


In game 1, they played very aggressively to gain priority, so the game snowballed in their favor. We told ourselves that we should mimic their early aggression in game 2 and 3, so that’s how we were able to take an early lead. In game 3, Olaf is very strong level 1, so we predicted that he’d invade, and we caught him out.

There were moments where in game 3, it looked as if DRX was going to turn the game around through teamfighting. 


All the enemy could do was to rush in and pick a fight. We made a couple of mistakes in the process, but we told ourselves to group, and were able to close out the game.

Despite Akali being nerfed in 10.3, the enemy picked Akali. As a champion that was highly contested in the recent past, how viable is she after the nerfs?


Akali’s slowly seeing some play. Because we knew how to play against Akali, we didn’t get flustered, and played carefully around her.



Where do you see yourselves among the mid laners in the LCK?


I didn’t really think about where I stand, but I’m always confident, and I’m always aiming to be on top. However, my number one priority comes in building synergy with the team and making team-ccentric plays.

Gen.G played Jarvan-Galio against T1, but lost. What’s the difference between then and tonight?


Not much has changed, but our sole focus was to protect Ruler.

Your next opponents are Afreeca Freecs.


Not only is Afreeca high in the standings, they’re also a very good team. We’ll make sure to prepare for the match, just like how we prepped for tonight, and win.

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