Misfits Zebbosai: "At first I didn't like my face being memed. I enjoy it now."


Misfits claimed a decisive 3-0 victory against Afreeca Freecs Red. The game began to tilt in the third round of set 1 Nepal as AF Red began to lose focus in ult management and started popping ults without making much out of them. The three sets today saw Misfits dominate in most of the teamfights, capped with a huge tilt in set 3 Temple of Anubis in which Misfits took away the set with more than 4 minutes remaining in the time bank.

Zebbosai stayed sharp today with his Pharah, Widowmaker, and more. He shared with us how the team is preparing against the upcoming matchup against Lunatic-hai, and also about the team’s ceremony with his memed face. Below is the post-match press interview with Sebastian “Zebbosai” Olsson.


How does it feel to claim the team’s first victory this season?

I feel great. We really had to win this one.


What did you guys say among yourselves after the team’s loss in the first matchup?

We sort of became a new team after we went through changes in our roster. We were of course disappointed to have lost our first game, but that didn’t make us sad. I think we were able to pull off a good fight today because we had a lot of time to practice.


Your Pharah was on point today, and also Widowmaker in Temple of Anubis. When should we play Widowmaker or Pharah?

Pharah is very useful when the enemy team is going for dive comps. The reason why I played Widowmaker in Temple of Anubis is because we can easily take point A if we dive in right after executing one of the enemies.


How do you feel about your teammates’ mask ceremony right after victory?

They are the masks Reinforce received from his fans. We were actually going to wear them right before the match began, but we could actually put them on after the game ended. They come from the picture my teammate took in IEM Gyeonggi, when my face turned red because I had something really spicy. I didn’t like such pranks at first, but I somehow enjoy them now.


There is still a matchup against Lunatic-Hai. How are you preparing?

We are working on it. There is a possibility that the three teams including us can come in a tie even if we win against Lunatic-Hai. We are not thinking so deeply about that. We will just try our best in the upcoming match against Lunatic-Hai.


Do you think Lunatic-Hai’s roster change would have caused much change?

I don’t think there would be a huge change. I think we will go with the same composition we played against them in IEM Gyeonggi, because WhoRU plays Genji a lot.


Last words?

Thank you to all Korean fans. I had no idea there would be such so many fans in Korea. The ones that made the masks for us keep coming and cheering for us. We are always so grateful.

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