T1 Faker on becoming partial owner: "It means that I’ll be with T1 for a long time."


On the 19th (KST), in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split, T1 met the undefeated DragonX. It was a clash between the top-ranked teams in the league and T1 was the team to come up on top. T1 stopped DragonX’s 4-game winning streak with a 2-1 victory. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Kim “Canna” Chang-dong were voted as players of the games (POG) and were interviewed afterward.



It was a difficult match.


Faker: Since DragonX was on a winning streak, I was worried if we would be able to win. I’m happy that we won and stepped up in the standings.


Canna: I’m happy that I got my first POG and that I did well in the last game.

How was the top Soraka in Game 1?


Canna: After seeing Hanwha Life Esports play Soraka, I saw that it had good evaluations so I practiced her for 2-3 days. The results in the practice were good so I picked her today.

(To Faker) You played many champions, but this was the first Ornn game you played in pro play.


Faker: Ornn can go both top and mid. We picked him because he can go both lanes. And since I played so many champions… I feel good because I won with a champion that I played for the first time.

T1 and DragonX kept picking Miss Fortune-Morgana and Xayah-Rakan. Why was that?


Faker: Both comps appear often in bot lane. Since teamfights are important, I think they keep appearing because they’re good in both teamfights and laning.

(To Canna) When Cuzz said that he’ll play Nidalee, what did you think?


Canna: I always have faith in Cuzz so I thought it was good. (You didn’t have the slightest suspicion?) Just a little bit… While we practiced, he played other champions more and since Nidalee was picked suddenly, I was slightly anxious.

The Baron fight was the biggest point. Did you know that they’ll head towards Baron?


Canna: We didn’t know at first, but they suddenly started hitting so we reacted immediately.

How do you plan to play the remaining season?


Canna: I think it’s the first time I delivered a good performance. I’ll continue to do well in the next match and more to come.

(To Faker) You became a partial owner of T1. Can you briefly explain what it is?


Faker: To make it short, it means that I’ll be with T1 for a long time. When I’m a player, I’ll be only active as a player so please keep cheering for me like before.


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