DWG ShowMaker: "While we should’ve had more wins, we’re 2-2 in the standings, so each of our next matches are as equally important."


On Sunday), DAMWON Gaming took down KT Rolster in Week 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring split. Although DAMWON put on a one-sided performance in Game 1, DAMWON struggled a bit to close out Game 2. With a set score of 2-0, DAMWON managed to deny KT’s first match victory of the season.


Heo “ShowMaker” Su joined Inven Global for an interview to talk about the victory, the secret recipe for winning in solo queue, and the struggles that the team is facing.


Although you took the victory home tonight, you must not be feeling so happy because of the two consecutive match losses before.


Tonight, I knew I had to win no matter what, or else we would be 1-3 in the standings, so because of it, I’m not too ecstatic about the win.

I think that after the consecutive losses, you must’ve talked a lot with your team. What did the team talk about during feedback?


We realized that the team doesn’t have a direction that we’re going [in]. In the draft, there are many things to consider. From characteristics of champions to how to play the composition out, it’s all different. Apart from the direction, we talked about how we should play the champions, and if we played aggressively in scrims, we should also do so on stage.

It’s been a couple of months since DAMWON played at Worlds. Do you feel like something changed within that time?


While I’m playing, I feel like nothing’s changed. However, when I watch the replays after our matches, I can see myself playing as if I’m scared, and I have moments where I go, ‘Why didn’t I play like this?’ I’m not sure why I became this way, but I definitely need to work hard.

When it comes to that person telling you to be more proactive, who’s the most outspoken about it?


When it comes to these things, it's definitely Nuguri. He told me that even if I make incredible plays in scrims, if I'm going to play like I'm scared on stage, then I might as well play like I'm scared in scrims as well, or if I'm going to play aggressively in scrims, I should play the same way on stage. 

Do you agree with what he said? Or do you feel like there needs to be balance?


I agree. If how I play in practice is different from how I play on stage, then there’s no point practicing. 

I’d have to guess that your scrim record isn’t bad at all.


It’s not bad.



Can you recommend some champions in the mid lane that works well in Challenger elo solo queue?


Although Qiyana got nerfed, mid Qiyana is unaffected. Apart from QIyana, I think you can also use Pantheon. I think champions that roam a lot are really good. Champions that can influence other lanes. In solo queue, people just die when you roam, so just buy Mobis and go to side lanes. Although you won’t get better by playing that way, it’s an easy recipe for victory.

Doesn’t that strategy work because it’s you?


No, no. Just buy mobis, and when you ping that you’re on your way, your teammates will set up either for a dive or for your roam. Get kills like that, use the money to buy items, and just crush them with the stacks of money you made to win.

There’s only a couple of matches left until Round 1 is over. Is there a certain match that you feel like you need to prepare extra hard for?


We already have two losses under our belt, and while we should’ve had more wins, we’re 2-2 in the standings, so each of our next matches are as equally important.

It’s a point in time where a change in the mood of the team is necessary. Would you like to say anything to your teammates?


So far, underpeformance was reflective in our losses and our wins. Let’s continue to work hard together, and let’s try to make it all the way to the LCK finals this season.

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