DRX Deft: "I think we keep winning because cvMax analyzes what we’re doing wrong when we lose the first game."


On the 15th (KST), two undefeated teams, DragonX and Afreeca Freecs met inevitably in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. The team that came up on top was DragonX in a close 2-1 fight to step up to the top of the league. The only other undefeated team is Gen.G Esports. After the match, Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu joined the press room for an interview.



How do you feel having a 4-game winning streak?


Actually, I’m kind of worried that the bubble is getting bigger. (Laughs) Still, as we keep winning, it makes me work harder and it’s positive that our confidence is getting stronger.

Are your performances not like this in scrims?


The scrims are getting better compared to the beginning, but I don’t think it’s perfect enough to have a 4-game winning streak. I think we’re keep winning because cvMax analyzes what we’re doing wrong when we lose the first game. So our performance is better starting from the second game.

You lost Game 1 today as well. How was the feedback after that?


We picked a Renekton-Elise synergy in that game, but from the invade phase, we weren’t able to lay strength in the top lane. The game didn’t go well after that, but cvMax analyzed well about why that happened.

Doran suffered a lot at top lane today. How was the feedback towards him?


Rather than during the match, cvMax gave strong feedback after Game 1. Even more than usual; cvMax must have thought Doran didn’t do as well as expected. I was worried that Doran’s mentality would be shattered after that, but he seemed more stablized. I’m proud of him.

Compared to Mystic, you played Miss Fortune in all three games.


Champions like Jinx or Ezreal are ones that I want to play as well, but I don’t play them because they aren’t as good. I really wanted to win because if I lose while playing a champion that’s not fun, I would be really upset (Laughs).

Your next match is against T1. The bottom matchup would be important.


T1 doesn’t have much of a hole. If they do well going on, their teamfight is very good. For us to become a strong team, we have to do well when we take half and half. I’ll prepare well for the teamfights to come.

Lastly, any other comments you’d like to say?


Since fans were cheering for us even from before the season started, so I was quite worried in thought, ‘what would happen if our results aren’t good enough. Up to now, I think we’re doing well because of all that cheering. We’ll keep showing good performances. Please keep cheering for us.

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