AFs Kuro “I’m really happy with today’s victory.”

On the 13th day of the 2017 LCK Spring Split (Feb 9th, KST), Afreeca Freecs has achieved an unexpected victory against SKT T1; AFs defeated SKT T1 2:0. Seo-haeng “Kuro” Lee, contributed to the team’s victory by fighting against Faker’s Katarina and Ryze. Today’s victory was especially meaningful to him.

Below is our post-match interview with Kuro.



How do you feel about winning today?

My teammates and I have been working so hard for this match. I really want to thank my teammates and I am really happy with the result.

It’s been a while since you’ve won against SKT T1 and Faker.

I’ve won a few matches thanks to my teammates, but yes, it’s been a while since I’ve won with a perfect record.

You said you have been working so hard for this match. Can you be more specific on that?

I put my best efforts into this game. I even participated in morning scrims, which I don’t do very often. I was ready to play Aurelion Sol, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I also prepared for a lot of things, but most of them didn’t work out as I expected. I’ll just say that my strategies are confidential information. [smiles] Lastly, MaRin did a really great job in blocking Varus. Go MaRin!

Your team’s Graves contributed to today’s victory a lot, don’t you think so?

We have many strategies with Graves. Graves might be the key champion of today’s match, but it could have been Aurelion Sol. I’ve been thinking about giving up Rengar and using Graves.

MaRin did a great job in giving orders today. Would you like to add on to this?

Our members didn’t really do a great job in giving and receiving orders in our previous matches. We admitted that we need more practices, and put our best efforts into every games we played. Our teamwork started to improve and our efforts finally brought us here.

You said you are not comfortable around Faker. Did it affect you in any ways today?

I don’t usually feel nervous before matches, but I always feel nervous when I’m around Faker. I felt really nervous today as always, so I decided to talk to our head coach. He gave me a long speech about self-confidence, and I was so relieved. I really want to thank him for supporting me but I gotta say, I didn’t know he talks that much. [smiles]

You probably have heard about the expression “When Faker’s not around, Kuro is the king.” Any thoughts going into that?

It’s not like I’m offended. It’s already proven by results, and on the bright side the expression means that I’m the second best. But it pains me to hear I’m never going to win against Faker. But I’ve won today. I’m just really happy with the result.

A lot of people thought AFs will struggle in bot lane against SKT T1.

I don’t think our bot duo are bat at League; they just don’t believe in themselves enough. I can relate to them because I didn’t believe in myself too years ago. But today, they showed us some self-confidence and did a great job. They’ve got potentials, so I believe in them.

The whole team should feel pretty happy about winning.

We are all really happy about winning. Our head coach said he will give us 5 day vacation it we defeat SKT T1, but I don’t think he will actually give us 5 days. Maybe we can get 2 to 3 days.

You are up against bbq Olivers for your next match. Are you looking forward to playing against Tempt?

I’ve heard that it’s been only a year since he debuted and I kind of envy his youth. I’ll try my best to win.

Any last words?

Of course I did not plan to lose, but I did not know we would actually win. I am really happy with our victory, and I’d like to thank our coaches and all others who showed us continued support. Lastly, GO AFs!

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