T1 Teddy: "Before my time in T1, I came fresh out of Jin Air, so I feel like I learned a lot more during my time in T1 last year. This year, I’m the one teaching the younger players a lot."


On the 13th (KST), T1 took on KT Rolster in match 13 of the 2020 LCK Spring split. In this classic Telecom rivalry between the two teams, T1 took home the victory with a set score of 2-0. With this victory, T1 starts off their week 2 with a perfect set score, while KT has yet to pick up their first victory, and their hunt for that win continues on.


After the 2-0 victory against KT, the bot laner for T1, Teddy, joined the Press Room for the post-match interview.


Thoughts on the victory?


Our games were usually long, but I’m glad that we won so quickly tonight.

What do you think the games are longer this season? 


We like to scale into mid and late game, so although we could’ve sometimes played aggressively to win, we farmed to scale. Other times, the games were pretty even until mid and late game, so that’s why the games went on for longer.

Senna is underperforming as a bot laner. Thoughts on the champion?


I like the champion’s kit, but it's a champion that you need to rely on your teammates. It’s not a champion that can singlehandedly carry the game, and she's kind of like Jhin. Without a dps champion on your team, like Ryze or Viktor, I think she's hard to use, as she's more of a support champion than a marksman.

How does it feel to be in T1 in 2020 compared to last year?


Before my time in T1, I came fresh out of Jin Air, so I feel like I learned a lot more during my time in T1 last year. This year, because there are a lot more younger players in the team, I’m the one teaching the younger players a lot.



After your loss to Hanwha, what did the team work on to improve for this match?


We talked about the different matchups, such as Sett vs Mordekaiser, and we also worked to improve in our draft. Although I can’t go into detail, we made sure to not give certain champions to the enemy during draft.



You played with Effort for a while now, and now you have a new support, Kuri. Can you tell us about his playstyle, and how it’s different from that of Effort’s?


Effort has a lot of experience, so he’s good at getting vision, initiates well, and plays safe overall. Kuri on the other hand, is very aggressive, and although he still has very much to learn, I learn about the different angles he looks at, whether it's in lane or in teamfights. He’s still very young, so I’m teaching him many things.

Ruler stated that you’re his biggest rival this season.


I think he’s a very good player. I hope he plays well. Good luck, Ruler.

Coincidentally, you face Gen.G next.


Not only Ruler, but our ex-jungler, Clid, is on the team as well, so we’re going to make sure to do everything we can to win.



Any words for your fans?


It felt very empty because there still weren't any spectators tonight. I hope everyone of you take care of your health, and hope to see you soon.

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