LCK Anonymous Survey - What are the LCK players’ picks?


Remember the LCS Anonymous Survey? They had a simple survey on the LCS players and had some interesting responses. Here, we tried the same on the LCK players. About a week to go for the 2020 LCK Spring Split, we had a surprise survey with the LCK players. 65 players volunteered to answer the survey.


Which role did the players think is the most impactful? Which champions and dragons do the players like the most? You can find out below!


*Gen.G did not participate due to team circumstances.


Which role is the most impactful in professional play?

1. Mid lane - 44.6%
- They can move around most actively in the game.
- Royal blood
- The center of the game


2. Jungle - 38.5%
- They can make plays helping laners
- Jungle difference


3. Top - 7.7%
- “Come to top after that”
- Korea’s the home of the top laners


4. Bot, Support - Each 4.6%


The first question was about which role was the most impactful in pro play. Mid and jungle were the heavy favorites, taking 44.6% and 38.5% of the votes, respectively. Apparently, the bot duo had the least votes, with three each.


Which role is the least impactful in professional play?

1. Top lane - 33.8%
- It’s the least impactful except for a few specific champions.
- Top difference
- ‘That’ lane


2. Bot, Support - Each 26.2%
- Support is to support; it would be less impactful.
- Supports have the least impact in the late game
- Bot laners only take CS, they’re used to take down turrets
- Buff Tahm Kench
- A tool.


4. Mid lane - 7.7%
- They were royal blood in the past, but now they’re just a tool to scale junglers.
- There are too many mid ganks


5. Jungle - 6.2%
- According to the 10.2 patch, junglers became slaves
- Turned into slaves. Trash role.


On the other hand, top lane was crowned as the least impactful role with 22 votes. They say that top lane is a league of their own in solo queue; seems it’s not that different in pro play as well. Following top lane, the bot duo was tied at 2nd with 17 votes each.


Additionally, some players said that all lanes are important. They mentioned that as much as LoL is a team game, the synergy and teamwork among themselves are more important.


Favorite dragon?

1. Infernal - 35.4%
- As individual dragons, Infernal’s the best, Ocean drake soul is the best among souls.
- I like getting stronger intuitively
- Actually, all dragons are good…


2. Ocean, Cloud - 26.2%
- The 10% cooldown reduction on ults is very good.
- It feels good because you get faster
- Ocean HP regeneration is good
- Ocean full-stack effect is extremely good


3. Mountain - 0%


One of the biggest changes in the new season was the dragon. The buffs were changed a bit and the dragon soul was added. Each player had a different preference; infernal, cloud, and ocean all were similar. However, not a single player selected the mountain drake. Press F to pay respects.


There was a quadra-kill at the dragon at 15 minutes. Which position would you want to have recorded the quadra?

1. Bot lane - 52.3%
- The spoon is growing!!!
- The emperor lane will carry
- ADCs are the strongest in the late game
- I want to get carried


2. Mid lane - 44.6%
- It’s the most convenient to snowball
- The core lane


3. Top - 10.8%
- Our top laner is Kiin.
- Top lane can carry


4. Support - 3.1%


5. Jungle - 1.5%


At a dragon teamfight, a teammate recorded a quadra-kill. Just imagining the situation feels good. We asked the players who they would like it to be and more than half of the players answered the bot carry. Although they were voted as the least impactful, you can’t neglect the ability to carry of the role. Mid lane had 32.3% as well… There was also Kiin in the answers. Interestingly, the jungle got fewer votes than support.



Which role has the weirdest personality?

1. Top lane - 64.6%
- Kim Gi-in is weird.
- ‘That lane’
- Psychotop


2. Mid lane - 13.8%


3. Bot lane - 10.8%
- There are a lot of selfish or weird people


4. Jungle - 7.7%
- Junglers are weird
- I think junglers are nice


5. Support - 3.1%

“That lane” was chosen as the lane with the weirdest personality, with a whopping 64.6% of the votes. Role maketh man or man maketh role? Would we ever find out?


The most disliked champion?

1. Master Yi - 33.8%
- Master Yi+Taric is hot. Please nerf.
- No ganks exist.
- It’s just a jungle champ so he’s close to mid.


2. Teemo - 32.3%
- Teesrespectful.
- I haven’t seen any. Hopefully, I won’t ever…
- Teemo’s cute, but he isn’t when he’s my teammate.
- Terrifying.


3. Vayne - 13.8%
- Thinks they’re good.


4. Yasuo - 3.1%


5. Etc.
- Kayn: Master Yi with a Scythe
- Jungle Karthus
- Rammus
- Blitzcrank: Yello tin can
- Pyke: Bystander with a spear
- Lucian
- Ekko
- Top
- None


There were four champions to choose from for this question: Master Yi, Vayne, Teemo, and Yasuo (all on ‘my’ team) and the worst was Master Yi. Teemo trailed by one vote and came 2nd. One of the answers said that they’d rather have a Teemo standing around in top lane than Master Yi running around the jungle only. Many other champions… and ‘Top’ was also there…


If you could change your role without any risks, which lane would you transition to?

1. Top lane - 29.3%
- I’ve been doing well at top recently.
- It’s fun
- It’s a lane that can be played with the least brainpower
- 1v1s are fun


2. Bot lane - 21.5%
- Fun and popular
- Korean Perkz(2)


3. Mid lane - 20%
- Mid lane’s the best
- Has the highest carry potential


4. Support - 12.3%
- Looks easy
- I wanna ride the bus


5. No change - 9.2%
- Staying at top


6. Jungle - 7.7%


It’s really difficult for a pro player to transition to another role. If they were to switch roles without any risks, what would they choose? With the exception of six players, all players were interested in transitioning. Unexpectedly, top lane was popular… Didn’t they say top laners’ personalities are the weirdest?


If you can become the best in the world at one champion, which champion would it be?

1. Yasuo - 14 picks
- He’s cool.
- The DPS varies drastically according to the player’s skill


2. Lee Sin - 8 picks
- The guys who are good at Lee Sin are really cool
- Fancy
- Ward-W-AA-Q-AA-E-AA-R-Q-AA


3. Vayne, LeBlanc, Thresh, Camille, Kai’Sa - 3 picks each
- Vayne: This is top Vayne.
- LeBlanc: She’s stylish
- LeBlanc: Clone W mind games


4. Riven, Blitzcrank, Sett, Aphelios, Ezreal, Qiyana - 2 picks each
- Ezreal: Appears in any meta


5. Etc.
- Draven, Ryze, Rakan, Rumble, Lucian, Bard, Shako, Ahri, Akali (Broken if good), Aatrox (Champion with no limits), Xerath (I’m already the best), Jinx, Fiora, new champions, I want to be the best at all


The last question was about the champion they’d like to be better at than anybody in the world. This was the only short-answer question and there were 26 different champions that appeared. Even so, Yasuo took 14 votes and placed at 1st place. Lee Sin followed with 8 votes. It seems it’s not just us that want to make fancy highlight plays with top-notch mechanics.

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