GRF Tarzan: "I can’t use meta as an excuse. As a jungler, if you can’t play everything, you'll end up being shackled."


On the 12th (KST), Griffin took the victory over SANDBOX Gaming in Week 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-1, Griffin finally broke their 2-match losing streak and took home their very first win of the season, and hopes to ride this momentum into many more victories over their future opponents.


The jungler for Griffin, Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong, joined Inven Global for a 1 on 1 interview to talk about how it feels to take their first win of the split, his new teammates, and how he overcomes his slumps.


You finally picked up a victory after 2 consecutive losses. What does tonight’s victory mean to you?


After our two losses… I was able to really feel how terrible I am, so in a situation where my confidence could drop, even if my in-game performance wasn’t great, it became a chance to regain my confidence.

In game 3, when Ucal initiated onto the enemy, you must’ve known that your team won. What went through your mind, and what did you talk about with the team?


I wasn’t feeling ecstatic, but was regretful because I knew that I could’ve played things out much better.

Can you give us some examples?


I had small regrets about the plays I made here and there, so those things floated around the back of my head.

Did you see Sword have tears in his eyes?


I did not.

I see. I was just wondering if you did.


I only take care of myself (laughter).

Compared to other seasons, this season must be very different for you. What kind of resolutions did you make at the start of 2020?


My number one goal is to get good results in the league. Right now, I’m not satisfied with my level of performance, so my immediate goal is to raise my performance level and build more synergy with the team.

What do you think the problem is in your decline in performance?


I played so badly in Week 1… To be honest, I don’t know how to explain it.

Do you feel that you’re improving?


I at least know that I’m playing really bad, so I’m trying to keep my confidence up and maintain my performance level.

People say that scaling junglers fit your playstyle. Does the current meta fit you well?


I can’t use meta as an excuse. As a jungler, if you can’t play everything, you'll end up being shackled, so I’m not bummed out about anything. I believe that adapting well into a certain meta is an ability on its own.

Is there a player that you were able to rely on in these hard times?


We all banded together to motivate each other and worked hard.

Was there a specific player that helped maintain a great atmosphere in the team?


There were times when I wasn’t doing too well mentally, and instead of covering it up, Untara directly talked to me about it, and that helped me a lot.

What kind of things did he say?


He said things like, ‘Hey, you played really bad today.’ Those kinds of words actually helped me a lot.

Are you the type of person that performs better when someone is direct with you?


I think that if someone beats around the bush, I wouldn’t feel so good. Everyone knows that I’m underperforming, but if someone says something like, ‘You weren’t bad, but it was a little disappointing’... Well, I wouldn’t feel bad, but I think being direct helps me more. 

Does the whole team tend to be direct with one another?


I personally think being direct is better. That way, communication with one another is smoother.

When you feel like you’re underperforming or in a slump, is there something specific you do to get over it?


I didn’t find something specific that works for me, so I try everything, from playing a lot of games, to trying to be in a better mood. I think I’m trying out different things to get over it.

What are some of the things you tried?


What’s in the past is in the past, so while I may accept what happened, I try not to bring along those negative emotions. That’s the mindset I’m trying to keep. Because my daily life has been the same for a while, I think I naturally get over those bad emotions when I stick to my daily routine.

There’s still many matches left in the season. Are you prepared to prove yourself once again?


I am. I need to. 

Lastly, can you say something to your fans?


It’s been a while since we won a match, and although I’m not satisfied with my performance, I’ll use this victory as a momentum swing to regain my confidence. I’ll make sure to prepare well for the rest of my matches and will put on a good show for everyone.

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