New Military Mobile Game ‘Iron Tanks: World War’ Global Launch

The following was sent to Inven Global as a press release.


- Perfect recreation of the Tiger, Sherman, T34/85, 59-D, and more

- Appearance of famous commanders of World War II


BNS (Best N Service) is going to start global launching of the mobile game ‘Iron Tanks: World War’ on February 13th in Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia.


Iron Tanks is a massive tank simulation game that requires players to experiment with tank formations and upgrades to overcome obstacles.


Players will meet famous commanders of World War II, such as MacArthur, Zhukov, Guderian, and Rokossovsky. Players will also be able to use world famous tanks such as the Sherman, Tiger, T34/85 and more.


Not only this, but there’s diverse content such as conquests, war systems, world bosses, and more. Iron Tanks also supports a guild system called Legions. Fight for your Legions’ territory with other members.


The CEO of BNS, Jian Xu, says that "Iron Tanks is a game for players that enjoy military games. It is easy to control yet has depth in mastering the game.” He also stated that “We will quickly respond to user feedback and work to upgrade the game in order to fulfill users’ needs.”


Iron Tanks prepared various events in commemoration of global launch and this can be checked through Iron Tanks' official facebook.

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