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League of Legends developer teases buffs and nerfs, more champions viable for jungle in patch 10.4



Image Source: Riot Games


Patch 10.4 is still more than a week away from hitting the League of Legends live servers, but today we already received a glimpse at what's to come. On Twitter Mark Yetter, Lead Gameplay Designer at Riot Games, posted an image of the overall buffs and nerfs coming to Summoner's Rift.


The most standout change is an upcoming nerf to Soraka. If you've followed competitive League of Legends lately, and the adventures of G2 Esports in the League of Legends European Championship in particular, you might have seen Soraka absolutely dominate the top lane. Her healing is so powerful that she can keep her allies alive under seemingly every circumstance, while her Q (Starcall) sustains herself. Sona, another powerful top lane champion meant to be a support, will also be toned down.




Riot will also try to get more champions into the jungle role with patch 10.4. Though it's unlikely that any of them will kick Lee Sin off the throne at the moment, the option to be more diverse in the jungle can't hurt much.


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