DRX Deft: "If we don't lose faith in each other, we may be able to get to the highest point at the end of the year."


DragonX took down SANDBOX Gaming 2-1 on the 9th (KST), in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split and collected their second win of the season. Off to a strong start this season, Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu was looking forward to this year, mentioning that they have a chance to get to the highest spot by the end of the year.



It’s another 2-1 win for DragonX. Does it worry you that you’re having a hard time winning?


At least we’re winning... I think teams need to play a certain amount of games to find their real prowess. We’re filling that number of games and winning, so it’s a good situation for us.



Did you analyze the problem while reviewing the matches?


cvMax gives feedback after game one immediately, and I think we’re able to win because those problems are fixed promptly.



You died after being hit by a Sleepy Trouble Bubble. What did you think after dying? Did you apologize to your teammates?


The situation before that was a situation where we should have benefitted, but we weren’t able to so I think I overextended a bit. It was a mistake and I told my teammates that I’m sorry and begged them to prevent the game from ending. (Laughs)



What did they say?


They said it was alright. Whoever dies, they all say it’s alright.



Rumor says that you had a large offer from China but stayed because you wanted to win the championship. Is that true?


It’s a sensitive issue; it’s hard to say.



You remained in Korea, to win the championship.


Even if I didn’t have good results last year, my evaluations were high so I put in a lot of thought. It’s always like that. I have to decide between a good offer and trying again for a championship… I’ve been trying again ‘one more time’ since 3 years ago. (Laughs) I may be trying one more time until I have to go to the army. (Laughs)



As much as you want to win the championship, you would have high expectations for your teammates. Do you see the potential in your teammates?


The new players, except for Chovy, since he’s already really good. Doran, Pyosik, and Keria all seem to have better mechanics than me. We just need to teach them the knowledge of the game. Whether it’s cvMax or me, we try to teach them whatever we know during feedback. We just need time.


There are also players that are different during practice and official matches, but these players aren’t any different so I have high expectations. They’re very trustworthy. They continue to give faith in-game as well.



You’re the captain of the team. You’re more of a quite style, but there should be times where you need to give feedback. Is it stressful?


Until now, I wasn’t able to speak out much so that wasn’t very easy for me. Now, the players respect me and they tell me about things that they don’t agree with comfortably. I’m more comfortable with that now.



Who tried to get closest to you?


At first, I was worried a bit that Chovy might have a similar personality to me. Pyosik and Keria are very young, so they tend to be very active and Chovy is also more of a child than I thought so it’s all good.


Does it feel that you’re clearly older than they are?


Yes. (Laughs) When I listen to them talk, I can feel that they’re still high schoolers.



Is there anything that you’d like to tell your teammates?


You’re all doing well. Although we’re winning, it’s very close. If we start to lose, the faith between teammates may shatter, but if we don’t let that happen and look at the long run, if we don't lose faith in each other, we may be able to get to the highest point at the end of the year. I hope you all don’t lose faith.



We heard that you often have deep talks with all kinds of topics. Dinosaurs, outer space… What did you talk about with him recently?


It wasn’t that deep… But we talked about investments. Since there’s a possibility of Korea being reunified so we might need to buy land in North Korea.



Did you say that you would?


Even if I wanted to, I don’t know how. We were saying more than land, we should buy Tesla stocks. cvMax was joking that we should buy Tesla stocks with the prize money together.



Are you going to buy Tesla stocks?


When I’m resting, I sometimes watched what’s happening on Youtube. They’re researching all kinds of insane things. I don’t even know if it’s possible. I don’t quite know yet.



Any last comments?


The LCK is being held without spectators. Although you can’t come to LoL Park, I think we’re doing well because of your cheering from afar. I’ll prepare well for the next match so that you would want to cheer for us. Thank you.

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