DragonX Keria: "I'd like to face Crisp and Ming someday."


On the 9th of February (KST), in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split match between DragonX and SANDBOX Gaming, DragonX took the victory 2-1. In Game 3, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok delivered a splendid performance on Thresh, helping the team to victory.



How do you feel winning two straight matches?


I didn’t expect us to do well from the beginning, so I’m happy that we won two straight matches.



What did you focus on while preparing for today’s match?


We thought SANDBOX was a solid team, so we also prepared to reduce mistakes and stay solid.



Your last win was also a 2-1 victory over KT, and again you won 2-1 today. Isn’t it tiring if you win 2-1?


The match against KT was quite tiring, but today, we thought we were the better team and that we would win if we play to our capabilities, so it wasn’t as tiring.



You played several grab champions. Are you especially confident in playing those champions?


I’m confident in playing any champion. But since people started to tell me that I’m good at grab champions, I became more confident.



It’s your first season in the LCK. A brief introduction to those who don’t know you well?


Hello, I’m Ryu “Keria” Min-seok. I’m 18 years old. I’m the person who’ll become the best support.



Do you have a role model?


It’s Mata and CoreJJ. Those two players are good at designing and managing the game from the beginning to the end like a machine.



How is it playing with Deft? Have you been scolded by him?


I wasn’t scolded by him, but I did scold him. (Laughs) I’ve always thought that Deft is a great player. There’s a lot to learn from him and I’m really happy that we’re playing together. Deft learned a lot from players like Mata. I’m learning those things from him and it’s very helpful.


Was there any support players that you wanted to face in the LCK?


Last year, it was Mata, but now, there isn’t anyone in Korea. In other leagues, I’d like to face Crisp and Ming someday. They’re both young and good. I think they play similarly to me.



You were in DragonX last year as well, although you weren’t on the starting roster. Did the team atmosphere change compared to last year?


It was good last year, and it’s still good. We haven’t lost yet, so that’s one of the reasons. Since most of us are rookies, we may be shaken up if we lose.



Were you shaken up after losing at the KeSPA Cup?


I was alright, but Pyosik seemed to be shaken up a bit.



What are your personal goals for this year?


I’d like to get the rookie of the year (Young Player Award) and become a royal roader. These titles can be achieved only in the first year, so I’d like to aim for that and become a support that is recognized by everybody.

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