Gen.G Rascal: "I think everyone’s dream is to win Worlds. Although you can dream, you have to hurdle over obstacles that are right in front of you."

From the left: Kellin, Ruler, Bdd, Clid, Rascal


On the 8th (KST), Gen.G took down Griffin in their second match of the 2020 LCK Spring. With game 1 quickly snowballing in favor of Gen.G after the quick 1st blood very early, game 2 showed proved to everyone that Gen.G are looking to be one of the favorites to win the split.


Inven Global caught up with Rascal to talk about the match, his playstyle, and what it’s like to play for Gen,G after being part of Kingzone (now known as DragonX) for many years.


Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel about the match?


I feel that in our last match vs. KT, I made a lot more mistakes, but tonight, I made a lot less mistakes, and it was a clean victory overall, so I feel good.

Were there moments where you felt very excited, or that you think you did well?


I think I played well overall, and in terms of the moment that excited me, there was a point in game 1 where towards the end, I just didn’t die, no matter how much I was getting hit. I think that moment was pretty fun.

From my memory, when you were in Longzhu, Khan played champion that like to deal damage, whereas you played champions that liked to tank a lot of damage. Many were saying that you like to get hit. What are your thoughts on it?


At the time, Khan, on a scale from 1 to 100, was at 150 in terms of aggressiveness. I also like to play aggressively when it comes down to it. However, right now, Ornn’s just a great champion, so that’s why I’m playing him.

You must’ve played a lot of scrims against him. Did tanking all that damage back then help out?


Ever since back then, Ornn and even Cho’gath was viable, so I played those champions. Last year, a lot of tank champions weren’t in the meta, but right now, since champions like Ornn are really good, I think the practice back then really helped for sure.

Sett is considered to be an anti-tank champion. What are your thoughts on Sett?


First, Sett’s really strong in the laning phase. Although it’s a champion that was recently released, the champion becomes better as people learn him more and more.

Do you prefer Sett or Ornn?


I’d rather play Sett if I could, but he was banned in game 1, and the enemy had first pick, so I just played Ornn against him. I think that every top laner would say that they prefer Sett over Ornn. Sett can do a lot of things from early into the game, it’s flashy and looks cool. Meanwhile, Ornn just likes to get beat up a lot.

From Kiin, Nuguri, to even CuVee, the LCK’s top lane talent is stacked at the moment. In today’s world, where top laners are receiving a lot of spotlight, do you ever feel the desire to step up and show the world what you got?


Not really. My number 1 priority is to adapt to the team, and my definition of winning is for the team to win. Even if I win my lane, if the team loses the game, I don’t feel good about it, so I’d rather win.

Chovy played top lane yesterday, and in a 1 on 1 post-match interview with us, he said that currently, he thinks he can beat everyone except Summit, CuVee, and Kiin. What are your thoughts on him saying that?


Well… I think he said that out of confidence, but I’m confident that I can beat him if he comes to the top lane. Without a doubt, I think I’ll beat him.

How do you rate him as a top laner?


There’s a lot of champions that can be flexed both mid and top, and I think that his understanding of those champions is really good. However, compared to other experienced top laners, his understanding of top lane is subpar. He did play really well in his recent match though.

Gen.G is nicknamed ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’, and the team is receiving a lot of hype. Do you feel pressured at all?


In terms of the positive meaning behind the nickname, I feel happy about the nickname, rather than pressured. However, on a personal level, I don’t think I deserve that title.

Among yourselves as a team, did you guys ever talk about how much you’ll achieve as a team? In your opinion, how far do you think you’ll be able to go?


I feel that every pro gamer wants to achieve great results, and for everyone, those great results equal winning Worlds. I think everyone’s dream is to win Worlds. Although you can dream, you have to hurdle over obstacles that are right in front of you.

How satisfied are you at Gen.G?


I’m very satisfied. I’m usually a very shy person. Since I’ve been with Kingzone for a very long time, I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and thought that I would not be able to get along with them. However, everyone, including the coaching staff treated me very well, and even the management provided us with everything to have us comfortably practice, so there were no problems in the things that I was worrying about.

Would you like to stay with this team for a long time?



Lastly, can you say something to your fans?


Thank you to all the fans that continue to support me, and just like tonight, I’ll make sure to work hard and put on a good show. Also, please be careful of the coronavirus and stay healthy. Thank you.

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