DRX Chovy: "I gave it a serious thought about switching to the top lane, and except for Kiin, CuVee and Summit, I think I can beat everyone else."


On the 8th (KST), DragonX took down KT Rolster with a set score of 2-1 in their first match of the 2020 LCK Spring split. With Doran being benched due to suspension, Chovy made a surprising role swap to top lane, while the sub mid laner, Quad, filled Chovy’s shoes as the mid laner. Despite the sudden role swap, Chovy showed that he has the potential to even be a very good top laner.


Inven Global had a chance to sit down with Chovy to talk about the victory, his sudden role swap, and how he improved his talking skills in an interview.



Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel?


I have regrets about the game that I played Sett, but I think I played well in game 2 and 3, so I’m pretty satisfied.

You changed positions for this match and played top. There must be a back story behind it.


Well, Doran got suspended for one match. Top lane is a lane where you need to be really good in the laning phase, and since I feel that I’m really good in lane, I tried it, and I think I’m pretty good at top lane. I gave it a serious thought about switching to the top lane, and except for Kiin, CuVee and Summit, I think I can beat everyone else.

You put on a stellar performance tonight. Are you satisfied with your own performance?


I’m very satisfied with how I played in game 3. 

Can you pick out one aspect of tonight’s performance that you’re the most proud of?


I purposely overextended to bait the enemy Jarvan to gank me, and I’m satisfied with how I outlived the gank.

Top laners have this certain aspect where they want to squeeze in one more auto/ability and want to really solo kill the enemy. Do you feel that you have the traits of a top laner?


Instead of squeezing in damage, I try to maintain a lane state where they’ll bleed out by themselves.

So would you say that you’re the type to make the enemy suffer?


They’ll end up dying by overextending anyways, and if they don’t want to die, they’ll end up bleeding out, so it’s a win-win situation.

Since you’re not playing in your original role, there must’ve been some nervousness in the air between your teammates. How was the atmosphere before the match?


Although this line up didn’t have much practice as a unit, we gave it our all with the cards that we were dealt. Keria looked at the top lane CS and told me that he was relieved (laughter).

On a scale of 0 to a 100, would you give yourself 100 points?


Definitely in game 3.

Is there a top laner that you admire? Perhaps a certain top laner’s playstyle?


I think TheShy and Kiin are the two best top laners. Out of the two players, I want to learn and play more like TheShy.

So, you want to put on pressure through mechanics?


Yes, because I can feel the pressure from just watching the enemy top laner lane against him.

The starting mid laner for tonight, Quad, is known for his Cassiopeia. What do you think about his play?


The atmosphere wasn’t too great in practice, but based on his performance tonight, I think he’s the type that steps up and performs well when it matters.

As a senior mid laner, is there any advice you would like to give to Quad?


I don’t think of myself as being good in mid lane, but rather good in lane… As a mid laner, you need to read the flow of the game really well.

Wait, you’re a really good mid laner, yet you don’t think you’re good at mid lane?


I’m good, but… instead of considering myself to be a mid laner being good in lane, it’s more like I’m good at League of Legends, and I just happen to be a mid laner… As a senior mid laner, I don’t think I have any good advice for Quad.

Do you think you’re better in mid or top?


From now on, if I start practicing top lane, I think I’ll be better at top lane.

Is there a possibility that you’ll switch to top lane?


It’s better to be good at mid and top, so I’ll end up practicing top as well. I’ll never know when Doran will end up getting suspended again (laughter).

You’ve gotten so much better at talking in interviews! Did you take lessons?


I kept talking, so I improved. I’m usually not the type to talk first, but once I started, I think I picked up some techniques here and there.

Can you say a few words to the fans that must’ve been worried about the sudden role swap?


I was praying in the hopes of playing well, and I’m glad that things turned out okay. To those that are worried, I hope that you’ll find your smiles again. Also, please watch out for the coronavirus, and I wish you only happy moments in life. Thank you.

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