AF Mystic explains the 2v5 teamfight win: "We were losing the teamfight, but I saw that I can continue hitting."


On the 6th (KST), in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split, Afreeca Freecs defeated Griffin 2-0. Unlike what the score suggests, the game was quite close. The two ADCs of Afreeca Freecs were voted as MVPs for the two games. Seo “SS” Jin-sol started for Afreeca Freecs and received the MVP for Game 1 and Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun was voted as the MVP for Game 2. The two had an MVP interview after the match.



(To Mystic) What did you think after the game was over? Did you think you’d get the MVP?


Mystic: I was a bit worried since SS did so well in the first game. I was relieved that we won.

(To SS) Did you feel pressured since you were the starting member of the team today?


SS: Rather than feeling the pressure, I convinced myself that I started because I’m good so I thought I should play well.

(To Mystic) How did you feel about not being the starting member?


Mystic: As a pro player, everyone should feel sad if they don’t start. Since SS is a good player as well, it was alright.

There was an awesome highlight in Game 2, Mystic won a 2v5 fight.


Mystic: We were losing the teamfight, but I saw that I can continue hitting. Fly survived for long so we were able to win the fight. (Did you say anything during the fight?) In that type of situation, I can barely open my mouth.


(To SS) You had great synergy with your support. How was it?


SS: I played as we played in scrims. I wasn’t much nervous, I was just moderately tensed.

Game 1 went for long. Did your team think that you’d still win?


SS: I thought that we wouldn’t lose and that we would have a better chance to win the later the game goes.

Why did you change your summoner name from SSol to SS?


SS: I changed it in the thought of keeping my mindset of the beginning. I think it’s effective.

(To Mystic) And you dyed your hair blue. Did you dye it into the Afreeca Freecs color?


Mystic: I didn’t think about that and I didn’t even think I should dye it this color. One day I got home and my wife told me, ‘let’s try this color this time’. (Laughs)

Does your wife decide your hair color?


Mystic: I guess so.

How about a video message to your son? He may not understand now, but for the future?


Mystic: (Long sigh) I hope you listen to us well. Mom and dad are extremely tired…

Are you two aiming to be the starting member for the next game?


SS: I always do.


Mystic: SS is really good.


SS: Mystic is really good too.

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