GEN Clid: "My personal goal is to get better every day, and the team’s goal is to continue moving forward with victory in our sight."


On the 5th (KST), Gen.G Esports faced KT Rolster in the 2nd match of the 2020 LCK Spring. It was a hard fought battle, but Gen.G took down KT Rolster with a set score of 2-1 and took their first victory of the season. 


Gen.G’s jungler, Kim “Clid” Tae-min joined Inven Global to talk to us about the game, his uncanny resemblance to the team’s mid laner, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-sung, and about his resolutions in the LCK this year.



Congratulations on the victory. Just like the previous match of the night (T1 vs DAMWON), it went all the way to 3 games. Can you share your thoughts on taking the victory of the 2nd match of the 2020 LCK Spring?


The match before ours was long as well, and although our match went to 3 games as well, it was shorter and more decisive in our victory, so I’m pretty satisfied. However, I’m not satisfied with my own personal performance, so I need to fix some things for our next match.

You picked Lee Sin in all three games this match, yet you lost the first match and won the next two. What do you think went wrong in Game 1?


In game 1, I felt like I got ahead of myself and tried to take on too many responsibilities. In the process, I got caught out a lot at times when I needed to do certain things for the team, and made mistakes that I shouldn’t have. Therefore, I knew that I deserved to lose in game 1. However, I composed myself for game 2 and 3, so I performed a lot better.

It’s notable to talk about Bdd’s flank in the mid lane as Galio in game 3. Can you share what the in-game comms were like at that moment?


It started when Mordekaiser got caught out by the dragon pit, so to cover for Morde, Bdd teleported in. The enemy didn’t realize where Bdd was, so they overextended to siege for the tier 1 mid turret. We told ourselves that we should take the fight when they come to hit the turret, so that’s how that moment turned out the way it did.

Many people are saying that you and Bdd look so much alike that you could pass as brothers. How close are you with Bdd outside the game?


We’re really close outside the game as well. Before anything else, we’re the same age, so we talk about all kinds of things. There aren’t any bad emotions between us, so I feel like he’s a friend I met in school.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your current synergy with Bdd?


I don’t think there’s a limit in how well we can synergize with one another. Because we’re a new team, I don’t think I can rate ourselves with a number, but our goal is to get better each day without putting a ceiling above us.

Because of the coronavirus, the LCK matches are held without spectators. How does it feel to play without any spectators?


Usually, when I make an amazing play, I can hear the audience cheering really loud, but because there was no audience, it was a very different experience. Although I’m not thinking too much into it, I feel like we’re playing in an environment where we can focus better.


Do you prefer to play with or without spectators?


I don’t think I can make the comparison just yet, but based on just today alone, the whole match felt a lot emptier, and it definitely felt like we were the only ones inside the game.

It’s been a long off-season, and just like the majority of the teams around the world, Gen.G underwent a lot of changes. Can you tell us some of the changes that Gen.G went through?


My perception of Gen.G in 2019 was that Ruler was the sole carry of the team. However, in 2020, just like how things were when I was on SK Telecom last year, our goal is to have all three lanes be able to carry the game, and working really hard to make that goal come to fruition.


Which teams do you think are Gen.G’s biggest rivals in the LCK this year?


In the case of our opponents tonight, KT, many people believe that they’re a weaker team of the bunch. However, I believe that every single team is very balanced, and is very good. If I did have to pick a single team, it would have to be DAMWON, since their roster hasn’t changed from last year. Moving forward, I know that I can’t get complacent and underestimate all the other teams.

How is the team atmosphere at Gen.G different from that of SK Telecom T1?


In SKT, there were times where things got a little bit dark, but generally speaking, the atmosphere was light and fun. However, on Gen.G, we spend a lot more time closely, so just as I previously mentioned about how we talk about many different things, so there’s more of a friendly vibe within the team.

This is a new roster, so what is your goal with the new roster for 2020?


My personal goal is to get better every day, and the team’s goal is to continue moving forward with victory in our sight.

Lastly, what would you like to say to the fans cheering for you and the team at home?


Today was my first match in the 2020 LCK Spring, and I feel that since I wasn’t satisfied with my own performance tonight, I think that the fans feel the same way. Next time, I’ll make sure to put on a better performance.

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