Legends of Runeterra gets it first live patch tomorrow: bug fixes and new Guardians


Almost two weeks since Legends of Runeterra went live with its Open Beta, the game is receiving its first live patch. Today Riot Games shared the patch notes hitting their card game tomorrow, and explained the plans when it comes to releasing patches in the future. Every other Tuesday, the Legends of Runeterra developers will release a patch, alternating between large patches (which will include major updates to cards) and small patches. This first one is a small patch and will go live tomorrow on February 4, around 9:30 AM PT.


In the patch, the animations of Whirling Death and Yasuo's ability strikes are sped up to reduce the wait time for both players. New players also see a reduction in wait time, but in a different way: starting tomorrow you can start playing Legends of Runeterra as soon as the tutorial has finished downloading. As you're making your way through the tutorial, the rest of the game is downloaded in the background.


As of tomorrow, three new Guardians—the pets who accompany you on your journey to the top—can be purchased in the shop: Silverwing (who's making a crossover from Teamfight Tactics), Basilisk, and Gloomtooth. All can be purchased for 590 in-game coins.



In the article, the Legends of Runeterra developers note that they've been keeping an eye on the XP system: "One of our main goals for progression is to encourage play through rewards without forcing chore-like behaviors—we want you to have efficient ways to progress, we just also want those experiences to be fun." Some players apparently have been queueing against AI opponents to complete quests to grind for XP, conceding when they'd completed their daily quests. Although the developers don't have any changes to announce at the moment, they have some adjustments in mind for later.



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Images via Riot Games.

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