The hidden art of Legends of Runeterra: delve into the most beautiful card pieces


Legends of Runeterra has been in its Open Beta stage for almost two weeks now. Riot's digital card game, set in the same universe as League of Legends, explores many new fields in the CCG genre when it comes to mechanics and economic systems. But it also shows us much more of the world of Runeterra. The cards in the game depict new personalities and creatures of the League of Legends universe.


The card art in Legends of Runeterra is, simply put, amazing. When you right-click on any card in the game it gives you the option to see the full artwork—after all, on a card itself the image needs to be cropped for clarity. Sometimes the full card art tells a story you didn't expect upon first glance, and much more is hidden on the full card art.


Below are some of the most amazing pieces of art in Legends of Runeterra, accompanied by the card they belong to. All the images were created by SIXMOREVODKA, an art studio based in Berlin. Click on the images to enlarge them!



▲ Anivia's just another bird, right?
▲ Nope, she's massive.


▲ An innocent little girl, sitting on a swing?
▲ Not so innocent after all.


▲ Fiora stands proudly.
▲ She may have lost you the top lane (again), but at least she won this tournament.


▲ Just one Flame Chomper can't hurt, right?
▲ Uh oh, a full ambush!


▲ Scarmother Vrynna isn't looking for anything logical, like money. She can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with.
▲ She just wants to watch the world burn.


▲ On the left, Shiraza is sitting comfortably on Kato's shoulder. On the right, she's... flying?
▲ Apparently "throwing your partner" is a legitimate fighting technique in Noxus.


▲ Sinister? Adorable!
▲ Never mind. Back to sinister.


▲ The knight stands strong, but against who?
▲ Ah, the undead. Always tricky.


▲ Heimerdinger creates many inventions in Legends of Runeterra.
▲ But none are as glorious as T-Hex.


▲ The best spots to calm your mind are often outdoors.
▲ Looks like he found a great spot.


▲ No time for knock knock jokes when you're hunting down mages.
▲ Thankfully for Lux, the investigator doesn't have an Oracle Lens to spot invisible objects.


▲ Just another ghost?
▲ Spooky librarian.


▲ Ezreal is trying out his new glove.
▲ Is that a Zhonya's Hourglass on the shelf?


▲ *Jaws theme starts playing*
▲ Always keep a safe distance to the haunted ocean.


▲ Just another snake?
▲ Nope, a flying leviathan stretching as far as the eye can see.


▲ What's he so scared of?
▲ Ah. Hiding was probably the right call.


▲ Let's conclude the gallery with something wholesome.
▲ The most blissful life. Poros!



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Images via Riot Games.

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