FunPlus Phoenix donates 2 million yuan for Coronavirus victim relief in China

Photo by Riot Games


Earlier this week, the League of Legends Pro League has announced that its Spring Split would be delayed due to the Coronavirus epidemy. The increase of victims infected by the virus in China has reached nearly 8,000 people, with over 170 fatalities. 


League of Legends 2020 World Champions and LPL residents, Fun Plus Phoenix has donated over 2 million yuan, around $288,000, to aid those affected by the coronavirus in China. The contribution comes from its staff, including players and coaches, with the donation assisting in medical supplies and support to those who have been affected in the region of Wuhan.


Riot Games’s decision on the delay of the LPL Spring Split comes as both a considerate effort to protect its fans and players, but also a government lockdown on larger events, in attempts to halt the spread of the virus.


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