kt Smeb: "It’s easier to take games when teams prioritize on the bottom lane"

On February 8th (KST), kt Rolster defeated Jin Air GreenWings 2-0 in the second matchup of Day 12 LCK Spring Split 2017 held at Sangam eStadium, Seoul. With today’s win, kt secured the first place in the current standings. Kyungho “Smeb” Song took the initiative and led the team to victory.

Below is the post-match interview with Smeb.



It was a hard-earned victory. How do you feel about the win?

Currently, Jin Air is deemed as one of the struggling teams. So I wanted to take a comfortable and clean victory, but I’m bummed that the games turned out as difficult as they did.

In Game 1, you often made mistakes on Shen's Shadow Dash-Blink combo. Were you nervous?

I guess I was rusty with Shen because I haven't played him in practice. I wasn't totally capable with him. I don't know why, but I kept missing the combo.

There were many instances of Shen vs Maokai. Does Shen have the upper hand?

What’s more important is that how the champion contributes the team. Shen has an early game advantage, but I also think that Maokai can hold his own depending on his role.

Is there a special reason you favor 1-3-1 lane management?

Pawn favors assassin champions. I think that’s why we naturally gravitate towards 1-3-1.

You dominated the laning phase as Jayce in Game 2 but didn’t make other eye-catching contributions. Any thoughts?

My recent plays leave much to be desired. I guess I made mistakes under the pressure of proving myself. Since the bot duo plays so well, I try not to think about those things and focus on consistent plays.

What did you think when the opponent picked Maokai after you chose Jayce?

The opponent actually picked Kha’Zix first. If the enemy team takes both Kha’Zix and Maokai, Jayce is under a lot of pressure. Fortuantely, my teammates covered well for me, so I could have a comfortable laning phase.

kt seems to give a lot of weight to the bottom lane. Any thoughts?

One reason for such strategy is that our bot duo is phenomenal. Also, it’s easier to take games in the current meta when teams focus on the bottom lane. That’s why I don’t pay too much mind.

Jungle champions seem to easily secure solo kills against other laners. How do you feel about the current balance of junglers?

As a toplaner, it’s something that always bothered me. [laughs] I wish the new patch will make Junglers buy Sightstones and whatnot. [laughs] I want to see cute champions like Sejuani.

Have you ever wished to draft Fiora at any point?

Like I said, the meta requires prioritizing the bottom lane, but Fiora doesn’t quite fit the meta because she needs constant covers from the team. Tanks are good for the current meta.

Today marked Score’s 300th game in LCK.

As Score and I were having a meal, I asked him if he was the longest-running player, but I didn’t realize he played for this long. He has been playing so well up to this point, so I hope he continues to do well.

Does watching Score’s self-control rub off on you?

Sure, it does. I want to play pro for a long time, so I learn a thing or two spending time with him.

Is he always so composed, or does he sometimes let things go?

I forget he’s the oldest player when we are messing around. At first, I thought he wouldn’t take a joke, but I’m glad he responds positively.

You guys seem to get along quite well. Who set the tone for the team? Was it you?

Everyone’s so nice and gullible that it’s fun to pick on them. I try to make it as fun as possible. Deft is adorable.

Any parting words?

I try my best to have as clean victory as possible, but I didn’t deliver such games recently. I’ll work harder to show you a flawless victory next time.

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